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  1. Sports News (ESPN)
      Provides sports news.

  2. Sports News (CNN and Sports Illustrated)
      Provides sports news.

  3. CNN International Sports (CNN and Sports Illustrated)
      Provides sports news.

  4. Sports Links (Justwright)
      Provides sources of information for ball sports, including American football, Australian rules football , baseball, basketball, badminton, bowls, cricket, croquet, football (soccer), gaelic football, golf, handball, hurling, field hockey, ice hockey, korfball, lacrosse, polo, roller hockey, rugby, snooker, softball, squash, table tennis, tennis, torball, and volleyball. Also provides links for water sports, including canoeing, canoe polo, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and wind surfing, rowing, swimming, water skiing, and water polo.

  5. Olympics 2002 News (CNN and Sports Illustrated)
      Provides news on the 2002 Olympics. 12-01

  6. -Sports Scores (Yahoo)
      Provides scores.

  7. Sports

  8. Sports Resources (Sports Media)
      Provides resources in education, organizations, guides, research, software, and more.

  9. Women in Sports (WWWomen)
      Provides resources in sports oriented toward women.

  10. Sports Injury Prevention (Holt)
      "Stretch calf muscles properly--other leg muscles fall into place."

  11. Sports Injury Treatments (Holt)

  12. Sports Illustrated for Kids
      Provides articles and activities of interest to kids.

  13. Sports Biographies (H. W. Wilson)
      Provides biographies of outstanding achievers by sport and alphabetic by last name.

  14. Olympic Torch Route (CNN Sports Illustrated)
      Provides the dates and locations for the Olympic torch route in the USA. 12-01

  15. Weihenmayer, Erik - Climbing Mt. Everest (SportsIllustrated-CNN - Swift)
      Provides an interview with the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest. 12-01

  16. Singh, Vijay - Biography (CNN Sports Illustrated)
      Provides a profile of the golfer.

  17. World Series Analysis (Sports Illustrated - Cannella)
      Provides an analysis of the Giants and Angels, by position on the team, for the 2002 season. 11-02

  18. Zaharias, Babe Didrikson (Sports Illustrated)
      Provides a biography of the person recognized as the "Greatest Female Athlete of the First Half of the 20th Century." Includes a picture. 12-02

  19. Joyner-Kersee, Jackie (Sports Illustrated)
      Provides a biography of the greatest athletes of the 20th Century. "In ways that could be measured, Jackie Joyner-Kersee was one of the greatest Olympic athletes in history, and in ways that could not, she was a rare combination of courage and grace, of power and vulnerability." Includes a picture. 12-02

  20. King, Billie Jean (Sports Illustrated)
      Provides a biography of the tennis great. Includes a picture. 12-02

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