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Three-Wheel Motorcycles

  1. Access Angel Three-Wheel Electric Bicycle (
      Provides a picture. 05-11

  2. Can-Am Spyder Roadster Review (
      "It combines the open air exhilaration of two-wheeled transport with the stability of four, but it's not a motorbike and it's not a convertible sportscar." 04-11

  3. Dreymer Three-Wheel Electric Bicycle (
      "A totally new, innovative and futuristic bicycle concept with two tilting front wheels. The two front wheels of the Drymer provide a unique driving experience. Through an ingenious tilt system tilt front wheels when entering a corner."

      "The aerodynamic canopy hip design ensures that you, also by the forward speed, virtually dry. The canopy comes in metallic gray / black with red or orange stripe, but in any color and style available." 05-11

  4. Venture Hybrid Three-Wheel Motorcycle (
      "Venture Vehicles has formally announced in Los Angeles, the development of a revolutionary (not to mention very cool), 3-wheel, tilting, plug-in Hybrid vehicle under the working name VentureOne. It’s a two-passenger Hybrid vehicle that will get 100 mpg, accelerate from 0-60 in 6 seconds, will have a top speed of over 100 mph, while being priced at under US$20,000. In addition to the low-emission, flex-fuel Hybrid model, a zero-emission all-electric version is also being developed that will have an all-electric range of nearly 200 miles. A key feature of the VentureOne is the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control tilting technology from Dutch-based Carver Engineering that allows the body of the vehicle to actually tilt when going through turns while all three wheels maintain firm contact with the road. Carver already sells petrol-engined versions of the machine, and the Phiaro 3-wheeler is also closely based on the Carver. But a plug-in hybrid with a 200 mile electric range and sportscar performance is very enticing." 04-11

  5. Yamaha Four-Wheeled Motorcycle (
      "Details remain sketchy on the Tesseract hybrid four-wheeled motorcycle – ostensibly a four-wheel version of the Vespa, Piaggio and Vectrix three-wheelers with tilting mechanisms (dubbed “dual-scythe suspension”) at both ends making it a carving four-wheeler that retains the advantages of narrow width roughly equivalent to a two-wheeled machine. Powered by an electric hybrid liquid-cooled V-twin, the Tesseract promises ample torque and a top speed that will be theoretical everywhere but a racetrack, and when at rest, the machine will remain upright without the need for a stand via a dual arm-lock system." 04-11


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