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Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. -Avoiding Infection (Erin Bromage, PhD)
      "In order to get infected you need to get exposed to an infectious dose of the virus; the estimate is that you need about ~1000 SARS-CoV2 viral particles for an infection to take hold, but this still needs to be determined experimentally. That could be 1000 viral particles you receive in one breath or from one eye-rub, or 100 viral particles inhaled with each breath over 10 breaths, or 10 viral particles with 100 breaths. Each of these situations can lead to an infection."

      "The exposure to virus x time formulae is the basis of contact tracing. Anyone you spend greater than 10 minutes with in a face-to-face situation is potentially infected. Anyone who shares a space with you (say an office) for an extended period is potentially infected."

      "This is also why it is critical for people who are symptomatic to stay home. Your sneezes and your coughs expel so much virus that you can infect a whole room of people."

      "The main sources for infection are home, workplace, public transport, social gatherings, and restaurants."

  2. -COVID-19 Virus (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Provides an overview and updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 03-20

  3. -COVID-19 Virus - Mortality Rate (
      "Initial reports of the new coronavirus emerged from Wuhan, China, in December 2019, with patients presenting with pneumonia of unknown origin. As of March 2, more than 90,000 cases had been confirmed worldwide, including 45,705 cases that ended with patients recovering and more than 3,000 fatalities." 03-20

  4. -COVID-19 Virus Dashboard (Johns Hopkins University)
      Provides a daily count of deaths and recoveries by country. 03-20

  5. -COVID-19 Virus Economic Relief (
      "The new bill, officially known as the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act, was signed into law Friday, April 24 and the SBA is expected to resume accepting loan applications Monday, April 27, 2020." 04-20

  6. -COVID-19 Virus Treatments Being Tested (
      "The drugs being tested range from repurposed flu treatments to failed ebola drugs, to malaria treatments that were first developed decades ago. Here, we take a look at several of the treatments that doctors hope will help fight COVID-19." 03-20

  7. -Making a Face Mask (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
      Describes how to make a face mask or cover.

  8. Companies Not Providing Paid Sick Leave (
      "As the new coronavirus spreads across the United States, the time has come for restaurants, retailers and other industries that rely on low-wage labor to abandon their parsimonious resistance to paid sick leave. Companies that do not pay sick workers to stay home are endangering their workers, their customers and the health of the broader public. Studies show that paying for sick employees to stay home significantly reduces the spread of the seasonal flu. There’s every reason to think it would help to check the new coronavirus, too." 03-20

  9. First Responders Improvise to Stay Safe with COVID-19 Virus (
      "Coronavirus risk and ongoing shortages of personal protective equipment are leading fire departments around the region to rediscover the enduring truth of the idiom 'Necessity is the mother of invention.' " 04-20


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