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  1. Email Pals for Classrooms (ePALS Classroom Exchange)
      "ePALS connects students and teachers from different countries on joint projects pertaining to curriculum and culture via the Internet. ePALS is available in English, French and Spanish."

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  1. Lessons in Multicultural
Lesson Plans
  1. Holocaust - Lessons for Grades K - 4 (Stahl)
      Provides lessons for grades K - 4 to help children appreciate differences and avoid prejudice and stereotypes that led to the holocaust. Does not recommend teaching about the actual holocaust before the fifth grade. Sometimes misspelled as holacaust, holacost, or holocost. 5-00

  1. Cultures of the World (Web of Culture)
      Provides resources on gestures, cuisine, language, religions, and more.

  2. Drums and Rhythm (Rhythmweb - Stuer)
      Provides a comprehensive starting point for studying drums and rhythm across cultures.

  3. Geography Clip Art (Miningco - Rosenberg) 2-01
  4. International Affairs Resources (WWW Virtual Library - Selcher)
      Provides over 2200 carefully selected, annotated links in 37 international affairs categories. 2-02

  5. Music - By Country or Culture (Yahoo)
  1. Multicultural and Multilingual Search Engine (
      Provides a search engine that can search in a variety of languages. 9-02

  1. Abenaki Nation History (First Nations) 2-00
  2. Book Reviews - Multicultural Books (Mele)
  3. Cultural Customs (Evans Elementary - Team 50055)
      Provides simple descriptions of some of the customs, foods, and climate of 11 countries. 10-99

  4. Cultural Sensitivity for Young Children ( - Snow)
      Provides suggestions for encouraging young children to treat each other with respect and to appreciate children who are from a different ethnic group. 6-00

  5. Culturally Congruent Education (Clark)
      Provides suggestions for making the education of Native American children congruent with their culture and thereby reducing their drop out rate. 7-99

  6. Customs and Traditions From Around the World (
      Provides dos and don'ts from around the world.

  7. Holocaust - Teaching Guidelines for Grades K - 4 (Florida Center for Instructional Technology)
      Provides guidelines for teaching topics that lead up to discussion of the holocaust in the eighth grade through high school. Sometimes misspelled as holacaust, holacost, or holocost. 5-00

  8. Indigenous Peoples (Center For World Indigenous Studies)
      "The Fourth World Documentation Project is an online library of texts which record and preserve our peoples' struggles to regain their rightful place in the international community."

  9. Legends and Myths (World Design InterActive)
  10. Legends and Myths by Country (Siren)
  11. Race and Racism in American Law (Randall)
      "Race and Racism in American Law considers the intersectionality between race and American Law, racial distinctions in the law, and the role of the law in promoting/alleviating racism. It includes statutes, cases, excerpts of law review articles, annotated bibliographies and other documents."

  1. Connecting to the World and Inventions (
      Provides over a dozen creative projects for K-6 grade. 2-02

  2. Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center -
      Provides activities for countering hate groups and for promoting tolerance. 4-01


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