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  1. Hanukkah (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information.

  2. Passover (Awesome Library)
      Provides resources on Passover.

  1. Jewish World Review
  1. Hebrew for Children (
      Provides flash cards and other materials to help children learn the Hebrew alphabet.

  2. Jewish History (Black)
      Provides highlights and major events in history according to Judaism.

  3. Mikvah (Huffington Post)
      "A mikvah is a pool of water some of it from a natural source in which observant married Jewish women are required to dip once a month, seven days after the end of their menstrual cycle."

  4. Passover (Studio Melizo)
      Provides a short history.

  5. Passover Resources (Elimelech David Ha-Levi Web)
      Provides the "History and meaning of the Passover story, including preparing for Passover, the seder, recipes, foods, symbols, art, e-cards, humor, Sephardic and Ashkenazic Passover customs, and a translation into French. Includes Passover from a rabbi's perspective."

  6. Rosh Hashanah - Basic Cusoms ( - Katzman)
      Provides basic customs. Also spelled Hashannah.

  7. Torah for Children (
      Provides the stories of the Torah for children.


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