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Women and Power
Women and Violence

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  2. Biographies of Women
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Lesson Plans
  1. Women of Ancient Mesopotamia (Women in World History Curriculum - Reese)
      Provides lesson ideas regarding women of ancient Mesopotamia.

  1. Education and Women (WWWomen)
      Provides resources related to women and gender equity issues.

  2. Women Across Cultures (WWWomen)
      Provides a Directory and Search Engine related to women.

  3. Women in Science and Technology (WWWomen)
      Provides associations and other resources of interest to women interested in science and technology.

  4. Women in Sports (WWWomen)
      Provides resources in sports oriented toward women.

  1. -03-22-10 Margaret Moth, Photojournalist, Dies (CNN News)
      "She 'led the complete life,' Amanpour said. 'I don't think Margaret could ever look back and say, "What if?" She did it to the max, and she did it brilliantly. And she did it on her terms.' " 03-10

  1. -09-11-09 50 Most Powerful Women (
      "In 1998 when the Most Powerful Women in Business list premiered, just two of our honorees ran Fortune 500 companies. This year 13 do." 09-09

  2. -South Korean Woman First to Climb World's 14 Tallest Mountains (USA Today)
      "A South Korean has become the first woman to scale the world's 14 highest peaks. Korean television captured the feat as Oh Eun-sun reached the summit of Mount Annapurna Tuesday." 04-10

  3. -Time's Top 10 Female Leaders (
      "After she helped orchestrate a Labor Party coup that ousted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on June 24, 2010, Gillard, 48, became Australia's first female PM." 08-10

  4. Biographies of Women
  5. Editorial Projects Related to Women's Issues - 1830 - 1930 (Dublin and Sklar)
      Provides over a dozen themes on historical issues related to women in the United States.

  6. Fortune's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business (CNN News)
      "Women have come a long way (don't say 'baby') - and they're not slowing down. The credentials of this year's top 50, including 13 newcomers, are the strongest yet." 07-12

  7. Study: Men and Women Think Differently (
      "Men and women do think differently, at least where the anatomy of the brain is concerned, according to a new study." 06-07

  8. The Study of Women in the Ancient World
  9. Voices from Behind the Veil (Christian Science Monitor - Gaouette)
      Provides an inside view on the experience of Muslim women in the Middle East. "They bridle at Western assumptions about the nature of Islam and a woman's place in it. Like their Afghan sisters, these women stress that culture shapes their lives as much as religion and if they have problems, the veil certainly isn't one of them. They want change, but on terms that suit their society. Most of all, they would like Westerners to stop rehashing old clichés about who they are." 3-02

  10. Women and Business (WWWomen)
      Provides resources for women interested in business.

  11. Women and the Community (WWWomen)
      Provides lists of resources that support causes for women.

  12. Women and Computers (WWWomen)
      Provides resources for women related to computer technology.

  13. Women's Health (WWWomen)
      Provides resources for women related to health and disease prevention.

  14. Women's Issues in the Third World Countries (Cancel)
      Provides an intergrated set of resources designed to interest readers and enhance exploration.

  15. Women's Studies (University of Maryland)
      Searches historical and recent documents for names and text related to women's studies. 10-09


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