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Women and Violence

  1. McQuaid, Dora - Poet and Advocate (
      "Dora is descendant of traveling gypsies, Irish Golden-gloved boxers, and strong women, whose stories and the telling of them prompted her lifelong fascination with the written and spoken word. Dora continues the family tradition of using the personal story to explore memory and conjecture, culture and community, and the intersections between the private and the political." 07-12

  2. Violence Against Women (National Geographic)
      Provides an essay against the practice of punishing women to "protect family honor" that continues from ancient times in some patriarchal societies. 2-02

  3. Where Abusing Women Is Normal (International Herald Tribune)
      "In few places on earth is violence against women more entrenched, and accepted, than in sub-Saharan Africa. One in three Nigerian women reported having been physically abused by a male partner, according to the latest study, conducted in 1993." 8-05

  4. Women's Safety (WWWomen)
      Provides resources for women related to abuse and prevention.


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