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Hispanic American

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  1. Multicultural Toolkit star
  1. Hispanic Americans (Information Please)
      Provides an alphabetic listing. 10-04

  1. Report: The Biggest Threat to American Freedom (U.S. News)
      "Though the report concludes that the United States remains largely free, it highlights how long-standing racial inequalities and the flaws of the criminal justice system take away more freedom for more people than anything else."

      "In particular, the report highlights the strong evidence of unequal treatment of black and Hispanics. Coupled with prison overcrowding and long sentencing, these policies were particularly 'jarring,' the report says. Indeed, a black man has a 1 in 3 chance of being in prison in his lifetime compared with a 1 in 17 chance for a white man." 05-08

  1. Colonias Information (HUD)
      Colonias are rural communities and neighborhoods located within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexican border that lack adequate infrastructure and frequently also lack other basic services. 12-00

  2. Hispanic American History (Gale Group)
      Provides a history of Hispanic Americans, starting in 1492. 1-05

  3. Hispanic Biographies (Gale Group)
      Provides biographies of 50 notable Hispanic men and women, including Allende, Isabel, Alvarez, Aida, Alvarez, Luis, Banderas, Antonio, Blades, Rubén, Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Núñez, Caldera, Louis, Carey, Mariah, Chávez, César, Chavez-Thompson, Linda, Cisneros, Henry, Cisneros, Sandra, Clemente, Roberto, Córdova, France Anne, Cruz, Celia, de Balboa, Vasco Nuñez, De Burgos, Julia, de la Hoya, Oscar, Estefan, Gloria, Fernandez, Lisa, Garciaparra, Nomar, Hayek, Salma, Hernández, Antonia, Hijuelos, Oscar, Huerta, Dolores, La India Leguizamo, John, León, Tania, Lobo, Rebecca, Los Lobos, Lopez, Jennifer, Martin, Ricky, Muñoz, Cecilia, Nava, Gregory, Ochoa, Ellen, Olmos, Edward James, Palmieri, Eddie, Paredes, Américo, Perera, Hilda, Puente, Tito, Rivera, Geraldo, Rodriguez, Alex, Ros-Lehtinen, Ileans, Santana, Carlos, Saralegui, Christina, Selena, Smits, Jimmy, Sosa, Sammy, Valdez, Luis, and Villa-Komaroff, Lydia. 1-05

  4. Hispanic Statistics in the United States (EL Hispanic News)
      Provides some basic demographic information, but focuses on English versus Spanish language fluency and preferences. educacion

  5. Latino Culture Strong in the United States (BBC News)
      "Three years ago, Latinos became the largest ethnic minority in the US - and the rise in their numbers is having an increasingly dramatic effect on American culture." 1-04

  6. Test Bias - Examples (NWREL - Kuykendall)
      Provides examples of test bias for persons of diverse minority groups. 3-02

  7. Understanding Hispanic and Latino Culture Through Children's Literature (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
      Provides a background for the study and appreciation of Hispanic and Latino culture, primarily for teachers of students with a Hispanic or Latino heritage.


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