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  1. Football, Outside of the U.S.
      "Soccer" is called "football" outside of the United States and throughout the world. 07-10

  1. Soccer (FIFA)
  1. Beckham to Play for American Audience (ABC New)
      "International soccer superstar David Beckham is looking forward to the new challenge of playing before an American audience when he leaves Real Madrid at the end of the season for Major League Soccer's the Los Angeles Galaxy and a $250 million contract." 01-07

  2. History of Soccer (
      "Many different cultures have played a sport similar to the modern game of soccer but no one can really say with any certainty when or where soccer began but it is known that the earlier variations of what later became soccer were played almost 3000 years ago." 07-10

  3. Shocking N.F.L. Poster on Concussions in Football (New York Times)
      "The National Football League is producing a poster that bluntly alerts its players to the long-term effects of concussions, using words like 'depression' and 'early onset of dementia' that those close to the issue described as both staggering and overdue." 07-10

  4. Soccer Hand Signals (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides the meaning of each of the key hand signals. 10-99

  5. Soccer Terms and Phrases (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides a glossary of terms and phrases to better understand the game. 10-99

  6. Spain Wins World Cup Title for 2010 (CNN News)
      "Spain won the World Cup for the first time in their history as an extra-time goal from midfielder Andres Iniesta gave them a last-gasp 1-0 victory over the Netherlands in the final at Soccer City." 07-10

  1. Soccer News (
      Prvides soccer news. 10-09


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