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  1. Competitive Cheerleading (CNN News)
      "The 16-year-old high school student knows that to win gold, everything has to be perfect, from her technique to her health to her coordination."

      "The ultimate goal: leading her team to a world championship. She works out just about every day in the weeks leading up to the competition, and some practices last three hours."

      "Mikayla, a rising cross-country star, isn't preparing for a race. She's getting ready to compete with 19 other girls for a world championship in all-star cheerleading."

      "More than 200,000 athletes take part in competitive cheerleading where high-flying stunts, powerful tumbling and tight synchronization yield winning scores in a growing network of competitions." 07-11

  1. Another Cheerleader Dies (ABC News)
      Les Stella, the vice president of programs for USASF says that " 'football has more deaths per year than you have had in cheerleading in 10 years' and that the sport is ultimately safe." 4-08

  2. Cheerleading Basics ( - Ninemire)
      Provides cheers, chants, yells, jumps, stunts, motions, etiquette, competitions, a glossary, try-out tips, and more. 10-09

  3. Cheerleading Stunts ( - Ninemire)
      Provides 27 stunts. 10-09

  4. The Aftermath of Injuries (CNN News)
      The severity and frequency of injuries across youth sports has drawn major headlines and deeper research during the past few years, and the onslaught of new information could revolutionize prevention and treatment for youth sports injuries." 10-11


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