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  1. -09-01-06 Agassi Wins Match in Open (Fox News)
      "And there was Agassi, still hustling to reach seemingly unreachable shots, responding with winners, and skipping out to the baseline to start games at his record 21st consecutive Open one for each year of Baghdatis' life." 09-06

  2. -09-01-06 Emotional Farewell by Agassi (BBC News)
      "The 36-year-old was clearly affected by the chronic back injury which hastened his decision to retire."

      "Backed by a fiercely patriotic crowd, Agassi battled throughout but Becker's power proved too much."

      "The American legend fought back tears as the Arthur Ashe crowd, along with Becker, rose to applaud him." 09-06


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