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  1. Sailing and Boating Resources (Mariners' Guide)
      Provides information by region in the USA and also includes a search engine for over 1,000 sailing and boating resources.

  1. American Sail Training Association
  2. Editorial: Abby Sunderland's Parents Knew Best (CNN)
      "I couldn't do it, but I'm glad some parents could let their 16-year-old daughter get into a 40-foot sailboat and attempt to be the youngest person to sail around the world." 06-10

  3. Teen in Bid to Circumnavigate the Globe in Trouble (ABC News)
      "Abby's goal at the outset of her trip, to become the youngest sailor to pull off a solo nonstop circumnavigation, ended in April, when she was forced to stop in South Africa because her autopilot malfunctioned."

      "She still was bidding to become the youngest sailor to perform a solo circumnavigation." Editor's Note: Abby was found and rescued. 06-10

  1. Sailing Technology (GOALS)
      "This section contains learning projects and hands-on activities that explore technological advances in many areas related to sailing. Here you can learn about the science that makes long distance sailing and navigation possible." 5-00


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