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  1. Barbaro Breaks Down in Preakness (Fox News)
      "Barbaro, thought by many to be a serious contender for the Triple Crown if he won the Preakness, was diagnosed with a fracture above and below his ankle. Dr. Larry Bramlage, of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, called it a 'life-threatening' injury." 05-06

  2. Barbaro Survives Injury (CBS News)
      "Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was "a far brighter horse" Monday morning, said the veterinarian who operated on him Sunday." 05-06

  3. Hillenbrand: Barbaro One of the Greats (ABC News)
      "Laura Hillenbrand, author of the best-seller 'Seabiscuit,' spoke with ABC NewsNow about Barbaro's injury, his great Kentucky Derby run, his injury and his place in thoroughbred racing history." 05-06


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