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Table Tennis

  1. Ping Pong Prodigy Hopes for Olympic Gold (CBS News)
      Provides some video. 05-12

  1. Mikael Applegren (
      "He was 4-times World Champion, 9-times European Champion, 2-times Europe Top-12 winner, and World Cup winner.[2] He is left-handed and is known for his ability to play well far away from the table. This particular style became known over the years as 'appleing', named after the first professional player to well and truly expose it on the world stage with great success." 05-11

  2. Table Tennis - Rating System (USATT)
      Describes the USA rating system for table tennis players.

  1. Table Tennis (International Tabletennis Federation)
      Provides international news on table tennis (table-tennis).

  2. Table Tennis (USATT)
      Provides news on table tennis (table-tennis), especially within the USA.


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