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Caving or Spielunking

  1. Caving - Basic Equipment (
      "Caving is one of the less expensive outdoor activities that one can get involved in, particularly for the beginner who can probably rent or borrow the basic equipment from a caving club or trip leader. There is, however, a minimal level of personal equipment that every caver should have with them, regardless of the type of cave or trip and that is what this section focuses on." 6-05

  2. Caving - Basic Technique (
      "Moving through a cave is seldom like a stroll above ground. The surfaces you are traversing are seldom level and frequently will be littered with large blocks of rock, known as breakdown that may require constant scrambling up and down rock piles, squeezing between and under blocks, and being alert for loose rock that might shift when stepped on or fall on someone below you." 6-05

  3. Caving - Introduction (
      Provides an introduction to caves and caving.

  4. Caving Knots (Deighan)
      Provides different knots used in climbing.

  5. Caving Organizations (
      "While caving is usually done in small groups, there are many benefits to belonging to an organized caving group. Most caving organizations provide resources such as newsletters and libraries, activities such as regular meetings and regional caving events, and opportunities to join other cavers on trips and projects. These organizations are usually the best place to meet experienced cavers who can provide information on cave locations and training in basic and advanced caving techniques." 6-05

  6. World's Largest Cave (
      "It's hidden beneath rolling hills, can be reached only via an underground stream, and now it has been named the world's biggest cave chamber: meet Miao Room." 10-14


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