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  1. Coaching - Swimming (Harvard)
      Provides resources on coaching swimming.

  1. -04-21-07 Jessica Long Wins Sullivan Award (
      "Jessica Long, a U.S. Paralympic swimmer, was honored this week in New York as the recipient of the 77th AAU Sullivan Award, which is presented to the USA’s top amateur athlete. Long is the first Paralympic athlete ever to win this award." 07-06

  2. -08-02-07 Forty-Year-Old Contender for Gold in Swimming (MSNBC News)
      "[Dana] Torres was the first American to swim in four Olympics and her trophy case is packed with nine medals: four gold, one silver and four bronze. She’s already pulled off one improbable comeback, stepping out of retirement to claim five medals in Sydney. At 33, she became the oldest U.S. swimmer ever to win Olympic gold." 08-07

  3. -08-16-08 Phelps Wins 7th Gold By One-Hundredth of a Second (Sports Illustrated)
      "For starters, Phelps was seventh at the 50-meter turn, somewhere in his own zip code, maybe in Lane 4 of the track stadium next door. Even Phelps' power-sleeping dog, Herman, had him by at least a paw and a half. Forget a gold medal; Phelps was in danger of not getting one of those blue ribbons they give to people just for showing up. With Cavic in front at 23.42, Phelps' teammate Ian Crocker, the world-record holder, was already pretty far back at 23.70. Phelps was at 24.04. In a 100-meter race, you don't overcome a six-tenth deficit at the 50-mark unless that shark takes his lunch in the other lanes." 08-08

  4. 07-31-08 The LZR Suit and the Gold (
      "Speedo's LZR Racer swimsuit is causing the biggest splash in and out of the pool. The rubbery full-body corset would look more at home in a Batman movie than on the pool deck. But since it was introduced in February, swimmers wearing it have set a stunning 38 world records. Rivals' suits have set just three world records during that time, which has them crying foul (while scrambling to come up with their own sci-fi suits). The coach of the Italian team calls the LZR Racer 'technological doping.' The second largest U.S. swimwear maker, TYR, filed a federal lawsuit in California, alleging anticompetitive practices, against Speedo's parent company, the coach of the U.S. swim team and even a TYR endorser, Olympic medalist Erik Vendt, who switched to the Speedo. A Japanese swimmer under contract to Mizuno just set a world record in a LZR (pronounced laser), which he'll wear in Beijing." 07-08

  1. -Katie Ledecky Wins Gold Medal for 800 Meter Freestyle (USA Today)
      "The high school sophomore from Bethesda, Md., broke Janet Evans' 23-year-old U.S. record in the longest distance the women swim and came within half a second of breaking the world record, winning the gold with ease in 8 minutes 14.63 seconds." 08-12

  2. -Phelps Wins the Most Gold Medals of Any Olympian (USA Today)
      "Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, has 21 medals, 17 of them gold. He failed to win a medal just once here, on opening night of the Olympic meet, when he was fourth in the 400 IM." 08-12

  3. Evans, Janet (
      "Unusually slender for a swimmer at 5-foot-5 and only 102 pounds, Evans dominated the 1987 U. S. championships by winning four events, the 400-, 800-, and 1,500-meter freestyle and the 400-meter individual medley. She was the first woman to break the 16-minute barrier for 1,500 meters." 08-07

  4. Michael Phelps: Greatest Olympian (
      "At the Beijing Water Cube around 10:30AM, Michael Phelps swam two races, and won more gold medals. He broke two more world records, and got himself a new title: the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time."

      "He now has five gold meals in these Olympics, and 11 in his career, moving past Mark Spitz, U.S. track and field legend Carl Lewis, ex-Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina, and Finish distance runner Paavo Nurmi for the all-time record." 08-08

  5. Phelps Wins Most Gold in Olympic History (CBS News)
      Tied no more. Michael Phelps swam into history as the winningest Olympic athlete ever with his 10th and 11th career gold medals and fourth world record of the Beijing Games." 08-08

  6. Swimming History (
      Includes a history of the sport and provides biographies. 02-06


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