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Dempsey, Jack

  1. Dempsey, Jack (
      "One more defense followed, versus Bill Brennan, before he had to face world Light Heavyweight champion Georges Carpentier of France, in what became boxing's first million dollar gate ever. Carpentier had served in the war and was a decorated veteran of the French Army. Ironically, Dempsey's promoter used this angle to promote the fight, since many Americans still regarded Dempsey as a slacker during the war. In a farm that had to be rented to accommodate all the public in New Jersey, Dempsey beat Carpentier by a knockout in four rounds in front of 80,183 fans."

      "After this fight, Dempsey's fame reached unexpected heights, becoming one of the top five sports stars in the United States in 1920s, along with baseball's Babe Ruth, tennis' Bill Tilden, American football's Red Grange and golf's Bobby Jones. They were known in America as the big 5 of sports." 6-05


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