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  1. Johnson Beats Woods for Masters Championship (MSNBC News)
      "A strange week at the Masters saved the biggest surprises for Sunday ó unheralded Zach Johnson won the green jacket, and he had to beat Tiger Woods to get it."

      "It was the third time Woods lost a lead during the final round of a major, and the first time he ever failed to get it back."

  2. Padraig Harrinton PGA Player of the Year (NBC Sports)
      Winning back-to-back majors was the highlight of Padraig Harringtonís career. He felt winning the PGA Tour player of the year award Tuesday was just as significant."

  3. Tiger Woods Wins British Open (Fox News)
      "Sunday brought yet another grand crossing over the Swilcan Bridge: the defiant return of Tiger Woods (search). Two days after Jack Nicklaus bade an emotional farewell to the majors, Woods took another step toward the Golden Bear's record with another ruthless performance at St. Andrews, closing with a 2-under 70 to win the British Open for his 10th career major."

  4. Woods Reportedly Out for the Season (NBC Sports)
      "Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the season because of a left knee that will require more surgery, a person with knowledge of the decision said Wednesday."

      "Woods had surgery to clean out cartilage April 15, but later suffered a stress fracture while preparing for his return to golf. Thatís what caused his pain during the U.S. Open, which he won in a 19-hole playoff Monday over Rocco Mediate."06-08


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