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Federer, Roger

  1. -06-07-09 Federer Earns Historic French Open Title (NBC News)
      On his fourth try in a Paris final, Federer became the sixth man to win all four Grand Slam championships."

      " 'Now the question is: Am I the greatest of all time?' Federer said. 'We don't know, but I definitely have many things going for me because I've finally won all four Grand Slams, and I'm particularly happy reaching Pete's 14 [major titles].' "

      "Sampras said Federer deserves to be at the top of the all-time list." 06-09

  2. -06-29-07 Roger Federer to Gain Record for Longest Run at No. 1 (BBC News)
      Safin on Federer: "I don't see anybody who can hurt him. No one has enough weapons to beat him on grass." 06-07

  3. -07-05-09 Federer Wins Historic 15th Grand Slam (NBC Sports)
      "Roger Federer won his record 15th Grand Slam title Sunday, outlasting Andy Roddick for his sixth Wimbledon championship in a marathon match that went to 16-14 in the fifth set."

      "It was the longest men's Grand Slam final in history at 77 games - breaking the previous record of 71 from 1927 in Australia." 07-09

  4. The "Perfect" Tennis Player (NBC News)
      Tracy Austin assesses the best players in history to say which she thinks had the best components. "Countless names have been exchanged in debating the identity of the greatest tennis player of all time: Federer, Sampras, Laver, Borg, Agassi, Nadal or Tilden to name a few. Such provocative discussions always seem to end with the realization that it's difficult to factor in different eras, equipment evolution and competitive environments. The bottom line is that each of the top players has had weaknesses that could be exploited in addition to their strengths." 06-09

  1. Federer Wins 8th Wimbledon (
      "Roger Federer's wait for No. 8 at Wimbledon is over."

      "He is once again the champion of the grass-court Grand Slam tournament, now more often than any other man in the history of an event first held in 1877." 07-17

  2. Federer Wins Australian Open (
      Provides a short review of the game against Murray. 01-10

  3. Federer Wins Australian Open (
      Provides a short review of the game against Murray. 01-10

  4. Federer Wins Fourth Straight Wimbledon (CBS News)
      "No. 1 got even against No. 2 as Federer ended a five-match losing streak to Rafael Nadal on Sunday, winning 6-0, 7-6 (5), 6-7 (2), 6-3 to earn his fourth straight Wimbledon title and eighth Grand Slam championship." 07-06

  5. Federer Wins Historic 15th Grand Slam (New York Times)
      "Federer roared and walked to the net all alone in the history books after breaking his tie with Pete Sampras, who is now second on the career list with 14 major singles titles." 07-09

  6. Federer Wins Open (BBC News)
      "Defending champion Roger Federer dashed American hopes of a fairytale victory for Andre Agassi with a four-set victory in Sunday's US Open final." 9-05

  7. Federer, Roger (
      Provides basic information. 01-10

  8. Federer, Roger (
      "Roger Federer (born August 8, 1981) is a Swiss tennis professional, currently ranked World No. 1. Many experts and many of his own tennis peers believe Federer may be the greatest player in the history of the game." 07-07

  9. Roger Federer News (
      Provides news about Roger Federer's activities. 01-06

  10. Roger Federer to Gain Record for Longest Run at No. 1 (BBC News)
      "The Swiss, who beat James Blake to win the Masters Cup on Sunday, will pass Connors' record of 160 consecutive weeks at the top on 26 February." 11-06


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