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Foreman, George

  1. Ali vs. Foreman (
      "If there was any doubt as to the scale of Muhammad Ali's greatness, they were erased by his dramatic and stirring eighth-round knockout of George Foreman in Zaire." 6-05

  2. Best Heavyweight Fighters (
      Rates heavyweight fighters. Foreman is rated the fourth greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. 6-05

  3. Foreman, George (
      "In 1972, his string of wins continued, winning five bouts in a row, all within three rounds."

      "With that, Foreman was set to challenge for the world's Heavyweight championship, and so, in January 22, 1973, Foreman faced world Heavyweight champion Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica, knocking him out in the second round to become the world's champion. In what was HBO Boxing's first transmission ever, the call made by Howard Cosell, the broadcaster that night (Down goes Frazier!!, Down goes Frazier!!, Down goes Frazier!) became one of the most memorable sports calls of all time." 6-05


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