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Watson, Tom

  1. Watson, Oldest Contender for a Major Title (
      "Watson in the 2009 British Open, 30 years past his prime, will have to fall somewhere among the greatest performances in golf history, a win notwithstanding. When we clear our heads and reflect, perhaps we will argue it was the greatest." Tom Watson is 59 years old [as of July of 2009]. 07-09

  2. Watson, Two Lives (Joe Posnanski)
      "Tom Watson is one of the greatest golfers who ever lived. Thatís a given. He won eight major championships ó only five legendary golfers (Nicklaus, Woods, Hagen, Hogan, Player) have won more. He won 39 PGA events, which ties him with a couple of guys named Sarazen and Mickelson for 10th. He beat Nicklaus head-to-head three times ó at Augusta, at Turnberry, at Pebble Beach ó in three of the most famous duels in the history of golf. On Sunday [2011], at age 61, he won the Senior PGA Championship in Louisville. That was his sixth major title on the Senior Tour (or 'Champions Tour' as they beg people to call it) ó only Nicklaus and Hale Irwin have won more. Iím not saying anything here that you donít know. Tom Watson is certainly and unquestionably one of the greatest golfers who ever lived." 05-11


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