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  1. Responding to a Bear Attack (CNN News)
      " 'That nanosecond before the bear hits you we recommend dropping to the ground and playing dead,' he said. 'Put your hands behind your neck so your elbows are protecting the sides of your face. Bears bite to the head and face a lot. By going passive usually they'll let you alone.' "

      " 'People shouldn't fear bears,' he said. 'They should respect them.' Respecting bears, Gunther said, means traveling in large hiking parties, leaving an area where bears are and carrying bear spray, a supersized can of pepper spray to ward off attacks."07-11

  1. Backpacker Magazine - Basecamp
      Provides hints and tips on backpacking.

  2. Backpacking - 14 Essentials (
      "Backpacking ten essentials: the first ten items in this list are the selections of essential backpacking gear which The Mountaineers refer to as The Ten Essentials and promote as critical and essential items which belong in your pack as insurance against the unexpected. Although you may not use all the backpacking ten essentials every day, they can be life savers in an emergency."

      "As a supplement to the ten essentials, I have added four additional backpacking essential gear items which are pretty important to our health and welfare in the wilds, as well as suggest some small, lightweight, purchase options for many of the 'essentials.' " 6-05

  3. Backpacking Lightweight (
      "If you engage in backpacking, at some point, you may consider packing a lighter load. That consideration was the main reason this website was created in 1996, and it continues to be its primary focus."

  4. Backpacking Ultralight (
      "Whether ultralight backpacking, ultralite hiking, backpacking ultralight, backpacking lightweight, fastpacking ultralight or whatever -- one thing is clear and common -- find ways to Reduce Backpack Weight!"

      "This page features ultralight hiking and backpacking types of information and dialogue, particularly related to long-distance and multi-day travel in the backcountry." 6-05

  5. Backpacking With a "Bad" Back or Hip (
      "In this section, I'll share my experience - the things that have helped and the things that have not - and you can do the same - the techniques, exercises, etc. that you have employed to cope with and/or heal your back pain." 6-05

  6. Backpacking in Winter (
      "Since a lot of folks consider hiking and backpacking to be a three-season activity, I thought it might be helpful to create this Winter Hiking, Winter Backpacking & Snowshoeing page." 6-05

  7. Beginner Backpacker (
      "I have an inclination to say JUST DO IT, but I cannot, because the backcountry can be a dangerous place, even for those who are experienced. Consequently, I recommend a few preliminary steps as you begin your backpacking adventures." 6-05


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