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Championship 2012

  1. Basketball - National Basketball Association News
  2. Basketball News (
      Provides news on NBA basketball from over a dozen sources.

  1. Basketball Hand Signals (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides the meaning of each of the key hand signals.

  2. Basketball Terms and Phrases (Instructional Spectator Guidebooks)
      Provides a glossary of terms and phrases to better understand the game.

  3. Dirk Nowitzki (ESPN)
      "Dirk Werner Nowitzki is a four-time All-NBA first team selection, a 10-time NBA All-Star, and the leading scorer in Dallas Mavericks franchise history. The 7-footer from is regarded among the greatest European-born basketball players. His presence on the Mavericks is a large part of why one of the NBA's most floundering franchises has now become one of its most consistently successful. As of 2011, the Mavericks still maintain a streak of 11 straight playoff appearances and 50-win regular seasons." 05-11

  4. Dirk Nowitzki (
      "Dirk Werner Nowitzki... (born June 19, 1978) is a German professional basketball player who plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA)."

      "Nowitzki has led the Mavericks to eleven consecutive NBA Playoffs (2000–01 to 2010–11), including NBA Finals appearances in 2006 and in 2011. He is a ten-time NBA All-Star and eleven-time member of the All-NBA Teams, and is the first European-born player in NBA history to receive the NBA Most Valuable Player award.[1] He is the first Maverick ever to be voted into an All-NBA Team and also holds several all-time Mavericks franchise records.[2]"

      "From 2000 to 2007 he was the best player in the NBA, as per his win shares." 05-11

  5. Donald Sterling Banned from NBA for Life (Huffington Post)
      "NBA Commissioner Adam Silver handed down the unprecedented punishment of banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from his team, the latest fallout in an incident that sparked national outrage after audio emerged of Sterling making racist comments." 04-14

  6. Highest College Personal Score of 138 Set by Jack Taylor (
      "Taylor, a 5-foot-10, 170-pound guard from Black River Falls, Wis., made 52 of 108 shots, including 27 out of 71 attempts from 3-point range." 11-12

  7. Jeremy Lin (
      "Jeremy Shu-How Lin[1] (born August 23, 1988) is an American professional basketball player with the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After receiving no athletic scholarship offers out of high school and being undrafted out of college, the Harvard University graduate reached a partially guaranteed contract deal with his hometown Golden State Warriors. Lin is one of the few Asian Americans in NBA history, and the first American player in the league to be of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.[2]" 02-12

  8. LeBron James (
      Provides game statistics. 06-10

  9. LeBron James (
      "Nicknamed "King James", he was a three-time "Mr. Basketball" of Ohio in high school, and was highly promoted in the national media as a future NBA superstar while a sophomore at St. Vincent–St. Mary High School. At just 18, he was selected with the number one pick in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cavaliers and signed a US$90 million shoe contract with Nike before his professional debut. Listed as a small forward, James has set numerous youngest player records since joining the league. He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2003–04, NBA Most Valuable Player in 2008–09 and 2009–10, and has been both All-NBA and an All-Star every season since 2005."

      "The focal point of the Cleveland offense, James has led the team to consecutive playoff appearances from 2006 through 2010. In 2007, the Cavaliers advanced to the Conference Finals for the first time since 1992 and to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. James has been a member of the USA national team, winning a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics and gold at the 2008 Olympics." 06-10

  10. Miami Heat Team Wins the 2013 Championship (CBS News)
      Provides pictures

  11. Players in the NBA (ESPN)
      Provides profiles of players in the National Basketball Association. Allows searches by name, team, or conference.

  12. Russel, Bill (Sports Yahoo)
      Bill Russel dies at 88. "The greatest winner in professional sports — Russell’s 11 championships in 13 seasons is a mark unlikely to ever be matched — had a career that included 12 All-Star appearances and an Olympic gold medal in 1956. He was at his best in the biggest moments: In 30 elimination games at the college, pro and Olympic levels, Russell was a staggering 28-2." 08-01-22

  13. Shaquille O'Neal (CNN News)
      "NBA star Shaquille O'Neal appears ready to hang up his size 23 basketball shoes after one of the most dominant careers at his position in league history."

      "O'Neal, a 7-foot-1-inch center, won four NBA titles in a 19-year career. He is fifth on the NBA’s all-time career scoring list with 28,596 points - short of only Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain - and 12th on the league’s all time rebounding list, with 13,099." 05-11

  14. Shocking N.F.L. Poster on Concussions in Football (New York Times)
      "The National Football League is producing a poster that bluntly alerts its players to the long-term effects of concussions, using words like 'depression' and 'early onset of dementia' that those close to the issue described as both staggering and overdue." 07-10

  15. Tallest Basketball Player Is in High School (CBS News)
      " In the world of sports, stars are usually born not made. Some players come to play with natural gifts that their competitors just can't match. In the world of high school basketball, no one is as gifted as Mamadou Ndiaye. The 17-year-old junior stands tall at 7-feet-5-inches, easily the tallest basketball player in the country - professional or otherwise." 02-12

  16. Teen With Autism Makes 20 Points in 4 Minutes (ESPN)
      "Jason McElwain [also known as J-Mac] had done everything he was asked to do for the Greece Athena High School basketball team -- keep the stats, run the clock, hand out water bottles."

      "That all changed last week for the team manager in the final home game of the season. The 17-year-old senior, who is autistic and usually sits on the bench in a white shirt and black tie, put on a uniform and entered the game with his team way ahead."

      "McElwain proceeded to hit six 3-point shots, finished with 20 points and was carried off the court on his teammates' shoulders." 03-06


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