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Cargo Bicycles

  1. Cargo Bikes: The Madsen (
      Provides a 40 gallon cargo bucket on the rear of the bike, over a smaller rear wheel. The Awesome Library staff do not recommend this product but rather provide it as an example. 07-13

  2. Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon (Wall Street Journal)
      "According to an estimate by Copenhagenize Design Co., an urban planning consultancy specializing in bicycle culture, there are about 40,000 cargo bikes in Greater Copenhagen. The city estimates that 28% of families with two children own one. But it's hardly just family hauling: Cargo bikes are used by everyone from the Danish postal service to espresso vendors."

      "Bakfiets-style cargo bikes are gaining ground in the U.S., too, especially in cycling-friendly, flatter cities." 07-13


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