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  1. Bicycle Advocacy (
      Provides sources of information and organizations that advocate for the use of bikes instead of cars. 2-01

  2. Cyclists - Champions (
      Provides sources of information on dozens of champion bicyclists. 8-01

  1. Best Cities for Bicycles (CNN News)
      "The " bicycling capital of Europe" tops many lists -- including this one, it seems -- as the most bike-friendly city anywhere. Safe and extensive route networks, serious governmental promotion, and a bike culture that transcends class boundaries are all reasons why 40 percent of the city's traffic moves on two wheels." 05-11

  1. -Articles by Type of Bicycle (
      Provides 72 subcategories of articles.

  2. -Bicycles (Awesome Library) star
      Summarizes strengths and weaknesses of bicycles and makes some recommendations. 6-01

  3. -Is Bicycle Racing Bad for your Bones? (New York Times)
      "Other endurance sports don’t seem to hurt bones in the same way and are typically beneficial. A study published in March, for instance, that compared the bone densities of weight lifters, runners, and cyclists found that the cyclists had lower bone mineral density than the runners or the weight lifters. In another study, triathletes added moderately to their bone mass over the course of a season."

      "Cycling, unlike running or weight-lifting, causes little impact to skeletons. Bones react to external stresses by strengthening bone."

  4. Bicycles Reviews (
      Reviews bikes.

  5. Bicycles and Bike Training ( - Weiss)
      Provides information on bicycles, bike training, bike carriers, bicycle clubs, and more. 11-01

  6. Bicycling (
      Provides a comprehensive guide on cycling. 1-01

  7. Bicycling Skills (Exploratorium)
      Provides information on the science of bicycling. 5-01

  8. Biggest Bicycling Dangers (
      You are most likely to be a fatality by being hit in the rear on an urban road.

  9. Bike Commuting By the Numbers (U.S. News)
      "Transportation planners in the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark have invested heavily in bicycle paths and lanes, discouraged the use of cars, and gone to great efforts to protect the legal rights and safety of cyclists. A few stats:"

      "1 percent of trips in the United States are made on a bicycle. That's 10 percent in Germany, 18 percent in Denmark, and 27 percent in the Netherlands. In Portland, Ore., 3.5 percent of trips to work are made by bike, the highest share among the 50 largest American cities. The lowest: Kansas City, Mo., at a paltry 0.02 percent." 08-08

  10. Bike-Friendly Cities (
      "To compile its annual list of America’s most cycling-friendly cities, the company takes into account bike-lane availability, plus the number of hills in a city, bike-commuting rates, and how often bikers have to de-saddle along their routes, among other factors. This year’s list, which includes 154 cities, has a few surprises." 05-28-15

  11. Cardboard Bicycle for $10 (
      "Israeli cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni has created the coolest eco-vehicle to hit the streets in quite a while - a bike made entirely of cardboard! The sturdy cycle is cheap, eco-friendly, and certainly unique."

  12. Chondromalacia ( - Weiss)
      Describes a common condition of knee deterioration that Weiss claims may be helped by moderate bicycle riding. 11-01

  13. Commuter Bikes (U.S. News)
      "Meantime, a bill that will allow employers to offer financial incentives to bicycle commuters is winding its way through the House and Senate. A bike-sharing program launching this month in Washington, D.C., which allows members to use bikes from 10 rental locations with the swipe of a card, has spurred interest in other cities. And, in Austin, Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong recently opened a cycling shop that caters not to racing enthusiasts but to commuters. Barack Obama has met with bicycle advocates and promised to increase funding for bicycling projects." 08-08

  14. Drag on Bicycles - Factors in Streamlining (
      Provides a technical and mathematical description of bicycle aerodynamics. Suggests that a rear (tail) covering is very important to reduce drag and should have a vertical "winglike" shape at the end. 09-09

  15. First Hub Electric Bike to Reach the Top of Pike's Peak (
      "No hub motor powered electric bike has ever made it to the top of Pikes Peak, although many have tried and failed. This is because hub powered bikes generally are not as good at mountain climbing as mid drives which are able to use the bicycle’s gears to change the motor’s gearing." 05-14

  16. Flywheels for Bikes
  17. Full Suspension Bicycles (
      "Full-suspension bicycles are some of the most popular mountain bikes available today, and for good reason. The past decade has seen dramatic advances in frame and fork technology, suspension designs and rear shock function, while the overall weight of full-suspension bicycles has actually dropped to rival their hardtail siblings. In fact, the benefits of today's full-suspension rigs are so plentiful that many professional cross-country racers are winning on them." 06-08

  18. Glossary on the Bicycle (Brown)
      Provides a comprehensive set of explanations of bicycle terms, listed alphabetically. 1-02

  19. Helmets - HANS Device to Protect Neck (
      Describes a head and neck safety device that fits with a helmet to protect the neck in an accident. Drivers and passengers of small electric vehicles should consider the device since, in an accident, maximum protection for the neck is needed. While practicing for an upcoming race, Bruno Junqueira spun out of control and slammed into a concrete wall at 200 mph (322 kph). "Junqueira, who was wearing the HANS device, walked away from the crash without injury." 12-01

  20. History of the Bicycle (
      Provides a history of the bicycle. 9-03

  21. How a Bicycle Works ( - Brain)
      Describes how each part of a bike works. 1-02

  22. Is Bicycle Racing Bad for your Bones? (
      " 'When it comes to bone health,' says Dr Claire Bowring of the National Osteoporosis Society, 'cyclists need to add some weight-bearing exercise to their training.' "

  23. Must-Have for Cities: Bike Sharing (ABC News)
      " 'The success of bike shares in cities like Washington DC, Boston, Montreal and Toronto makes it clear that for cities that want to be competitive and want to be providing better service for their citizens they will be offering bike share programs,' said Andrew Stober, the chief of staff for the Philadelphia Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities.' " 07-13

  24. Pedaling Around the World (GOALS)
      Provides the story of two men trying to pedal around the world, using pedal powered boats and bicycles. 5-00

  25. Recalled - Raleigh Technium Frames (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)
      Provides information on the recall of certain Raleigh frames. 1-02

  26. Supreme Court Ruling Could Threaten Bicycle Trails (
      "The Supreme Court's ruling in an obscure Wyoming land dispute Monday could result in the loss of thousands of miles of bicycle trails or cost the government millions of dollars in compensation."

  27. Tips on Bicycle Safety (Bicycling Street Smarts - Allen)
      Provides tips to avoid crashes. 1-02

  28. Wind Power for Bicycles (Bicycle Transportation Systems)
      Describes a system for supplementing bicycle power with wind. 1-02

  1. -Analysis of a Bicycle (Lutus)
      Provides how fast a bicycle will go with different gearing, wheel diameter, and pedal speeds.

  2. Analysis of Forces on a Bicycle Rider (
      Provides the variables and suggested values to determine how much energy (in watts) a bike rider will need to exert with different conditions. You feed in the conditions, such as the weight of the rider, and then it calculates the results online. 7-01

  3. Analysis of Speed for a Cycle (WISIL)
      Provides the maximum miles per hour a cycle can go on a level surface with no wind, given the wheel size, the pedaling speed, and the size of the largest front and smallest rear gears. 9-01

  4. Bicycle Advocacy (Bicycle Transportation Alliance)
      Provides leadership in making bicylces a viable alternative means of transportation within the city of Portland. Portland is a national leader in bicycle accessibility, with bicycle lanes on streets, bike carriers on city buses, and designated bicycle parking spaces. 10-01

  5. Electric Bike - Convert a Bike (Gerosa)
      Provides plans or a kit to convert a bicycle to electric power instead of pedal power. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but provides it as an example. 1-02

  6. Forces on a Bicycle Rider (
      Provides the variables and allows you to calculate speed and effort needed for different conditions. 4-03

Purchase Resources
  1. Chain-Free Bicycles (
      Provides bicycles with a patented drive shaft that eliminates the need for a chain, a chainless bicycle. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but provides it as an example. 1-02

  2. Disk Brakes or Rim Brakes? (
      One, If you want better, more consistent brake performance in all conditions and don't really care if it weighs a little more or costs a little more, choose disc brakes over rim brakes.

      "Two, if you want the lightest set-up you can have, and are willing to accept small variances in brake performance, or if a low price is really important, choose rim brakes over disc brakes." 04-08

  3. Helmets - HANS Device to Protect Neck (
      Describes a head and neck safety device that fits with a helmet to protect the neck in an accident. Cycle riders should consider the device since, in an accident with a car or even a spill, maximum protection for the neck is needed. 12-01

  4. Scooters - Kickbikes (
      Starts at around 260 dollars for kickbikes, a cross between bicycles and scooters. Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but only provides them as examples. 12-01


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