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Lesson Plans
  1. Seabiscuit (
      Provides a teacher's guide on one of the greatest racing horses. 6-05

  1. Seabiscuit (National Geographic - Lovgren)
      "Phil Johnson remembers running out of school as a 13-year-old to catch the broadcast of the 1938 Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral match-up, perhaps the greatest horse race ever run." 8-03

  2. Seabiscuit (
      Provides a history of one of the greatest racing horses. 6-05

  3. Seabiscuit Timeline (
      Provides a timeline of one of the greatest racing horses. 6-05

  4. Seabiscuit and the History of Horseracing in the U.S. (PBS)
      Provides a history of horseracing, going back to1665, with an emphasis on Seabisquit in modern times. 8-03


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