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  1. -09-22-08 Farewell to Yankee Stadium (ABC News)
      "When the Yankees take the mound against the Baltimore Orioles in Yankee Stadium tonight, the game will be the culmination of 85 years of history in the House That Ruth Built . Yankee Stadium , with its 12-foot blue letters spelling out its name and welcoming guests, is a New York landmark and seminal part of Major League Baseball that has been the home to some of the nation's most memorable sports and pop culture moments." 08-07

  2. Fernando Valenzuela (
      "In 1981, the 20-year-old Valenzuela took Los Angeles (and Major League Baseball) by storm, winning his first 8 decisions and leading the Dodgers to the World Championship. That year, Valenzuela became the only player in Major League history to win the Rookie of the Year award and the Cy Young Award in the same season, adding the Silver Slugger Award and World Series championship for good measure. With his youthful charm, devastating screwball, 'Ruthian physique",[1] and a connection with Los Angeles' large Latino community, Valenzuela touched off an early '80s craze dubbed 'Fernandomania'.[2]" 05-11

  1. Baseball Biographies (HW Wilson)
      Provides short descriptions of some of the best known competitors, such as Roger Clemens, Carl Ripkin, Jr., and more. 8-00

  2. Bond, Barry - Biography (
      Provides a short profile of Barry Bonds, up to 1996. In 2002, he gained 600 lifetime home runs, one of only several to do so. (The others are Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Willie Mays.) 8-02

  3. Derek Jeter Ties Lou Gehrig for Yankees Hit Record (CBS News)
      "Jeter matched the New York Yankees record for hits with a seventh-inning single Wednesday night against Tampa Bay. Jeter's third hit of the game gave him 2,721 in a Yankees uniform, tying a mark held by Gehrig for more than 70 years." 09-09

  4. Gowdy, Curt (USA Today)
      " 'He's certainly the greatest play-by-play person up to this point that NBC Sports has ever had,' NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol said Monday. 'He literally carried the sports division at NBC for so many years on his back. ... He was a remarkable talent, and he was an even more remarkable human being.' " 02-06

  5. Gowdy, Curt (
      "Curtis Edward Gowdy (July 31, 1919 February 20, 2006) was an American sportscaster, well-known as the longtime 'voice' of the Boston Red Sox and for his coverage of many nationally-televised sporting events." 02-06

  6. Major League Baseball Encyclopedia
      Provides baseball facts. 10-09

  7. Major League Baseball Gets an "A" for Racial Diversity (CBS News)
      "On the 62nd anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier, the Major Leagues scored an "A" for its racial hiring practices, according to The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport." 04-09

  8. Robinson, Jackie (
      "Jackie Robinson is one of the most admired people in sports. But unlike most sports heroes, his battles did not take place only on the athletic field. His most important battles were against the pervasive national racism that not only excluded blacks from participation in major league baseball, but from economic opportunities in fields of all kinds. Robinson led the Dodgers to four National League pennants and one World Series championship in 1955. And, in the process, he led his nation in a struggle for civil rights that continues today -- but he didn't do it alone." 02-06

  9. Rodriguez, Alex (A-Rod) (
      "Alexander Enmanuel 'Alex' Rodriguez (born July 27, 1975, in New York, New York), commonly nicknamed A-Rod, is a Dominican-American baseball infielder. He is the starting third baseman for the New York Yankees, having played shortstop for the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners."

      "Since 1996 (his first full season) through 2006 he leads the major leagues in home runs (HR), runs scored, runs batted in (RBI), total bases and extra-base hits. Of all players in baseball history at age 30, he is first all-time in both HR and runs scored, 2nd in total bases and extra base hits, 3rd in RBI, and 4th in hits. In his career to that point, Rodriguez had more HR, more RBI, more runs scored, and more base hits than all-time leaders Hank Aaron (HR and RBI), Rickey Henderson (runs scored), and Pete Rose (hits) did prior to their 30th birthdays. He also shares the MLB record (and holds the AL record) for most home runs in the month of April, hitting 14 in 2007."

      "He has often been cited as the best all-around player currently in baseball." 07-07

  10. Rodriguez, Alex: Statistics (ESPN)
      Provides statistics on A-Rod's game. 07-07

  11. Suzuki, Ichiro (ESPN)
      Provides a few basic facts about the famous baseball player. 6-01

  12. Suzuki, Ichiro (Famous Personages in Japan)
      Provides a short biography of the famous baseball player. Last entry was in 1998. 6-01

  13. Wife Emerges as Co-Author of Famous Baseball History Books (CNN News)
      Oxford University Press Executive Editor Timothy Bent "confirmed that Dorothy [Seymour] had worked on all three [famous] books. And in August, Oxford University Press took the unprecedented step of adding her name to the three book jackets. The hard copies are out of print, but her name lives on in the digital versions of 'Baseball: The Early Years" and 'Baseball: The Golden Age.' And her name comes first on 'Baseball: The People's Game.' " Dorothy Seymour Mills was the wife of Harold Seymour. 02-11


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