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  1. Foot Care (Angsko)
      Provides information on injuries and other problems of the feet, such as bunions, warts, shin splnts, corns, stress fractures, flat feet, tendonitis, calluses, gout, neuroma, orthotics, nail fungus, ingrown nails, heel spurs, hammertoes, cracked heels, and more.

  2. Foot Specialists (Angsko)
      Provides listings for foot specialists, podiatrists.

  3. Injury Prevention and Training for Running (Holt)
      Provides suggestions for training, injury prevention and diet related to running.

  4. Trailrunning (
      Provides a comprehensive guide. 1-01

  5. Training for the 10K Run (Holt)
      Provides training suggestions for the 10K run.


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