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  1. Olympics Quiz (
      Provides a quiz on the less-known sports of the Olympics. 07-12

  1. Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Killing Girlfriend (Huffington Post)
      "Oscar Pistorius was sentenced in South Africa today to five years in prison for the 2013 shooting death of his then-girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp." 10-14

  2. Paralympics (
      Provides news related to the paralympics. 07-12

  1. -Olympics Coverage (Awesome Library)
      Provides coverage for the 2012 Olympics. 07-12

  2. Can Science Tell a Gymnast's Age? (
      "The lingering questions highlight one of the few areas in sports science today that remains untestable. Researchers can screen for illegal substances, determine your gender, and tell you whether you're fighting a cold, all from a few blood and tissue samples. But they still cannot definitively determine a person's age." 07-12

  3. Olympic Diet (US News)
      "Except for quantities, the athlete's dietary needs are pretty similar to those of the rest of us." 02-10

  4. Strength or Endurance (National Geographic - Triveda)
      Provides results of a study to find if athletes are good at speed are poor at endurance and visa versa. 07-12

  5. Train Like an Olympic Candidate (MSNBC News)
      "Despite all the corporate grandstanding, the saccharine profiles, and the cheesy music, we're still drawn to the Olympic Games because they promise a glimpse of athletic perfection that sinuous state of being when the outer boundaries of raw physical ability are reached and then exceeded ever so slightly."

      "But the fact that such boundaries are breached raises a question: How can each generation of athletes become faster, stronger, and quicker ... without doping?"

      "The answer is simple: They train with coaches on the absolute cutting edge of exercise science, coaches whose tips will help you build muscle, burn stubborn fat, and even recover in record time." 07-12

  6. Usian Bolt Sets Olympic Record in Men's 100 Meter Race (CBS News)
      "Usain Bolt of Jamaica won his second straight Olympic gold medal in the men's 100 meters Sunday, crossing the line in an Olympic-record 9.63 seconds."

      "Bolt fell shy of his world record of 9.58 seconds but improved on the 9.69 he ran four years ago in Beijing to enter his name, once again, in the Olympic record book." 08-12

  1. Olympics Worksheets (
      Provides 16 worksheets. 07-12


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