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  1. Camping and Hiking (
      Provides a comprehensive guide. 1-01

  2. Family Camping Tips (
      Provides articles for making a family outing more pleasant. 8-00

  3. Summer Camping Guide (
      Provides a guide to summer camps. Includes tips on picking a camp, readiness of your child for camp, sources of camps, and more. 6-02

  4. Ultra-Lightweight Camping Tips (MSNBC News)
      "Whether you're an experienced camper or are just starting out, you might be weighing yourself down with extra baggage. Instead of carrying a traditional pack that weighs 50 or 60 pounds, ultra-lightweight and super ultra-lightweight campers are carrying packs that weigh under 12 pounds and 5 pounds, respectively. It may seem like very little, but that's the point." 06-11


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