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  1. Ballooning - Estimating Distance from the Balloon History (
      Provides a simple method for determining the distance you are away from a balloon using a ruler. 6-05

  2. Ballooning - History (
      Provides a short history of ballooning. 6-05

  3. Cluster Ballooning (
      "Like hot-air balloons, cluster balloons are flown in the very early morning, when winds are calm. In some areas, it is also possible to fly in the evening, in the hour or two before sunset. Preparations for a morning flight flight start before dawn. The balloons range in size from four to seven feet; depending on the mix of sizes, anywhere from 50 to 150 balloons may be needed. It takes a crew of fifteen to twenty people about an hour and a half to inflate the balloons. Special hoses and manifolds are used to inflate the balloons to the desired size, based on the volume of the helium tanks. The inflated balloons are sealed using tape and cable ties, and are tied with nylon twine." 6-05

  4. Flight Records (
      Provides records made by aircraft, include balloons. 6-02

  5. NASA's Scientific Ballooning Program (NASA)
      "Large unmanned helium balloons provide NASA with an inexpensive means to place payloads into a space environment. The unique capabilities of this program are crucial for the development of new technologies and payloads for NASA's space flight missions." 6-05


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