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  1. Art History (Krannert Museum) 11-00

  2. Search the Smithsonian Natural History Web

  3. Natural History (Smithsonian)

  4. New Mexico Museum of Natural History 11-00

  5. American History (Library of Congress)
      Provides information by topic.

  6. -Yahoo - History star
      Provides information by time period, region, or subject. 9-05

  7. Black History - 19th Century African Americans (Bright)
      Provides a picture and a short biography of this influential 19th Century African American. 2-01

  8. History of Clocks (NIST) 3-00

  9. History of Computing

  10. Using Internet to Teach History

  11. History of the United States (Mabry)
      Provides information by topic.

  12. World History (Mabry)

  13. Medieval History Links (Labyrinth)
      Provides college level syllabus and links to reading materials for courses in Medieval history.

  14. US History (Yahoo)
      Provides sources of information on U.S. history.

  15. History

  16. History Standards (MCREL)
      Provides standards.

  17. History of the World Chart
      Provides information by time period, people, event, or location (maps). (Start with the left column.) 10-09

  18. Primary Sources in USA History (National Archives and Records Administration)
      Provides copies of documents considered important in US history.

  19. History of Money from Ancient Times to Present Day (Davies)
      Provides a history. 10-09

  20. Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History (Page)
      "The following suggestions for citations of Internet sources in history and the humanities are derived from the essential principles of academic citation in Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 5th ed. (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1987). I have also drawn upon suggestions from some of the works listed in the bibliography below."

      Editor's Note: This resource is dated 1996. 10-09

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