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Historical Documents

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  1. Constitution
  2. Declaration of Independence
  1. 100 Documents that Shaped America (
      Provides 100 documents that were voted the most important in shaping America.

      Editor's Note: Uses a traditional view of history. For example, in describing the Louisiana Purchase Treaty, it states "the United States purchased 828,000 square miles of land" from the French. Did the French really "own" the land or had they stolen it from the indigenous people who continued to occupy it? If the French did not own it, could they really sell it? 3-04

  2. Declaration of Independence (Murphy and NPTN)
      Provides the words from the Declaration of Independence. This is not a graphic of the actual document. 10-09

  3. Historical Documents of the USA (University of Oklahoma College of Law)
      Provides key historical documents. 2-06

  4. Primary Sources for Teachers and Students of USA History (National Archives and Records Administration - Digital Classroom)
      Provides copies of docuements considered important in US history. 01-07


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