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American History
American Presidents
Ancient and Medieval
Civil War
Colonial America
Military History
The West and Pioneers
U.S.-Mexico War
World History
World War I
World War II

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Lesson Plans
  1. History Lesson Plans (Awesome Library)
      History lessons are in the "Lessons and Curricula" section of the Awesome Library. A few are also available in the sub-topics above.

  1. -California Framework Links for Social Studies (SCORE) star
      Provides links in social studies by grade level or by subject. 9-05

  2. Computer History (Awesome Library)
  3. Conducting Research (Patterson and Swanson)
      Provides help on conducting research. 10-09

  4. Public Broadcasting Service Online
  1. -History by Time Periods (
      Provides dozens of subcategories of articles. 1-07

  2. -History by Topic (
      Provides 42 subcategories of articles.

  3. Interactive History Projects (Patterson and Swanson)
      Lists projects in history that include an interactive component.

  4. This Day in History (History Channel)
  5. What Is History? (
      Provides a discussion of the pursuit of history. 9-04

  6. Women's Issues - 1830 - 1930 (Dublin and Sklar)
      Searches historical documents for names and text related to women's issues from 1830 - 1930. Includes a particular emphasis on women's rights and suffrage.

  1. Research - Using Primary Sources (US Library of Congress)
      Provides activities to learn how to use primary sources, using different modalities.

  2. Role Play of Historical Figures - Rubrics Creator (Rubistar)
      Provides printable forms and selectable content for creating rubrics to evaluate preparation and presentation. 5-01

  3. Using Internet to Teach History
Purchase Resources
  1. History Videos (
      Provides videos and DVDs on history themes. 3-02

  1. History Standards (MCREL)
      Provides standards.


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