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World War II


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  1. The Holocaust
  1. World War II Decisions (USA Center of Military History)
Lesson Plans
  1. Pearl Harbor (
      "Pearl Harbor is a complex embayment on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i, west of Honolulu. Much of the harbor and surrounding lands is a US Navy deep water naval base: headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet."

      "The attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan on 7 December 1941 brought the United States into World War II." 11-04

  1. Dwight D Eisenhower Library
      Provides biographical infomation on Dwight D. Eisenhower, former President of the United States. 10-09

  2. Jewish Rescues - Stories of Rescues During World War II (Land-Weber)
      Provides stories of six heroes.

  1. African Americans in World War II (History Place)
      Provides pictures of African Americans who served with distinction during World War II.

  2. Frank, Anne (
      Provides pictures and information about her life and times. 10-09

  3. Navajo Code Talker's Dictionary (
      Provides the words and codes for those words used to encrypt messages successfully during World War II. The code was declassified (made public) by the U.S. Department of Defense. The men who carried the code are the focus of the movie WindTalkers (or Wind Talkers). 6-02

  4. Stalin, Joseph (Cambridge University Press - Bowen)
      Provides an unsympathetic description of Stalin's life.

  5. Szilard, Leo (
      Provides a biography of the physicist responsible for initiating the American quest for a nuclear bomb. Sometimes misspelled as Sillard, Silard, Sellard, or Selard. 04-06

  6. Warsaw Ghetto Revolt (Wiesenthal Center)
      Describes the revolt by Jews in Warsaw during World War II. 11-01

  7. Women Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters in the Army (Library of Congress)
  8. Women's Army Corp (Bellafaire)
  9. World War II Stories (Mabry)
  10. World War II Timeline in Europe (History Place)
      Provides a comprehensive history of World War II, by date.


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