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  1. Eighteenth Century - Biographies (English Server)
      "This collection archives works of the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies. Novels, plays, memoirs, treatises and poems of the period are kept here (in some cases, influential texts from before 1700 or after 1800 as well), along with modern criticism." 10-09

  2. Quotation Search (Quote Search)
      Provides sources of quotations of famous persons. 4-00

  3. Quotations Resources (
      Provides four sources of quotations of famous persons. 10-04

  1. Astronauts (NASA)
  2. Biographies Related to the American West (West Film Company and WETA)
      Provides biographies related to the western expansion of the USA. 6-02

  3. Biographies of High Achievers (
      Provides biographies. 02-06

  4. Encyclopedia (
      Provides information by search engine or alphabetic order. Uneven in quality of online material available. Sometimes provides good information and other times provides an incentive to subscribe to the eLibrary, a commercial product. 6-02

  5. Everybody Has a Story (CBS News)
      "Every two weeks someone throws a dart at a map of America. CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman goes wherever it sticks, flips through the local phone book, and picks a name at random. He then does a story on someone at that house (assuming they’re willing, of course)." 9-04

  6. Indians (Hindu Students Council)
      Provides biographies of great Indians.

  7. Justices - Biographies of U.S. Supreme Court Justices (Legal Information Institute)
      Provides brief profiles, as well as recent decisions by each justice. 6-02

  8. Profiles of Famous People (Probert Encyclopedia)
      Provides thousands of profiles, most including only the birth year, death year, and reason for fame. Names are listed by first name or initial. 8-01

  1. Puzzles - Faces and Quotations of Famous People (Johnson and Margolies)
      Cryptograph provides line drawings of a famous people and an encrypted, powerful quotation. Includes two additional categories, People of Color and Daughters of Eve.


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