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  1. Authors
  1. Biographies of Literary Greats (Bibliomania)
      Provides biographies, in alphabetical order, by last name. See (on the left) Research. Select Choose a Section, Reference and then Choose, Biographical Dictionary. 2-01

  2. English and American Biographies and Literature (Bartleby - Cambridge) star
      The Cambridge History of English and American Literature is considered "the most important work of literary history and criticism ever published." This online encyclopedia covers 11,000 pages. 2-01

  3. Literature Nobel Laureates Since 1900 (Nobel Foundation)
      Provides short autobiographies of the Nobel laureates in literature during the 20th century. 9-00

  4. Women Writers by Name, Country or Period (Ockerbloom)
      Provides biographies of women writers by name, country, or time period.

  5. Women Writers of Color (University of Minnesota)
      Provides biographies of women writers who are African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Chicana, Latina, Indigenous, or Native American.

  6. Writers - African American (
      Provides biographies. 1-05


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