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American History

44. Barack Obama
African American History
American Flag
Asian American History
Highways and Roads
Hispanic American History
Historical Documents
Indian Removal Act
Native American History
Political Parties
War of 1812

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Lesson Plans
  1. American History (Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History)
      Provides lessons, handouts, and Web resources for studying controversial issues in American history. 01-07

  2. Early American History Interactives (
      Provides interactives.

  3. Grandparent and Elder Lessons (Library of Congress)
      "Through researching primary and secondary sources, students become conversant with significant aspects of twentieth century history." 5-02

  4. Great Depression - Three Lessons (Library of Congress - Perry and Sauer)
      Provides an opportunity for research so that "...students will be able to gain a better understanding of why the government takes care of its people and how this type of welfare state started. Armed with this knowledge, they can then evaluate the current need of government programs, such as welfare, Medicare and Social Security, on the federal and state level." The three lessons are designed to take 2-3 weeks. 5-02

  5. Teaching With Documents (National Archives)
      Provides lessons by period of American history. 07-06

  1. History Resources (National Historical Society)
  2. History of the United States (Mabry)
      Provides information by topic.

  1. Turn of the Century in the US Search (Library of Congress)
      "This collection of photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company Collection includes over 25,000 glass negatives and transparencies as well as about 300 color photolithograph prints, mostly of the eastern United States. The collection includes the work of a number of photographers, one of whom was the well known photographer William Henry Jackson." 02-10

  1. American History (
      Teachers provide tutorials on videos. 09-12

  1. -11-16-13 California's Brutal History through Native Eyes (
      "While entire family units fleeing Europe were landing on the East Coast, the Spanish were intent on protecting geopolitical interests by creating a physical buffer zone with native converts and colonial subjects. The task of Franciscan padres and accompanying soldiers was to subjugate Indians, not wipe them out."

      "But Spanish imperial rule set off a disastrous chain of events so destructive that between 1769 and 1900, the California Indian population declined by a catastrophic 95 percent." 11-13

  1. -African-American History (Library of Congress)
      Uses treasures, key historical documents in the Library of Congress, to weave a story on the history of African-Americans in the United States. 2-05

  2. American History (Library of Congress)
      Provides information by topic.

  3. American History - Lyrics 1 (
      Provides the words (lyrics) for songs popular before 1900.

  4. American Law History (Golding and Hofstetter)
      Provides an outline, key resources, and class questions. Designed for college level. 8-02

  5. American Nostalgia (
      Provides music, magazines, yearbooks, news, and more.

  6. American Presidents at War (
      "America is attacked. The president addresses Congress in stirring terms. Senators and representatives, with a few eccentric exceptions, vote for a declaration of war, and the overwhelming majority of the people support the war effort without stint. The president appoints sterling generals and admirals and superintends massive war production. American troops surge to victory, and peace is made."

      "This is the picture we have of the way America, and American presidents, go to war. It comports with what we think happened in World War I and, especially, in World War II. In this view of U.S. history, American presidents lead the nation only into wars that are forced upon them."

      "There's only one problem. This picture is almost entirely contrary to the facts. 1-06

  7. Biographies in American History ( - Kelly)
      Provides dozens of biographies of famous or important figures in American history. 5-01

  8. Commentary - Democracy in America (University of Virginia - Alexis de Tocqueville)
      Provides a commentary from a French view and from earlier in U.S. history. "The more I advanced in the study of American society, the more I perceived that this equality of condition is the fundamental fact from which all others seem to be derived and the central point at which all my observations constantly terminated." 9-04

  9. Currency - A History (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
      Provides a history of currency within the United States. 08-10

  10. Douglass, Frederick (Awesome Library)
      Provides biographical information on one of the most influential persons in American history. 8-05

  11. English and American Literature - A History (Bartleby - Cambridge) star
      The Cambridge History of English and American Literature is considered "the most important work of literary history and criticism ever published." This online encyclopedia covers 11,000 pages. 2-01

  12. Guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (
      Provides a history of the tomb, answers questions about the guards, and even has news. 12-07

  13. History of Neoprene Rubber and Nylon (
      "In 1931, DuPont started to manufacture neoprene, a synthetic rubber created by Carothers' lab. The research team then turned their efforts towards a synthetic fiber that could replace silk." 8-05

  14. Important Events in the 1900's (
      Provides a year by year account of important events of the 20th century in the United States of America. 2-01

  15. Indigenous Puerto Ricans Still Alive (CNN News)
      "Despite diminished numbers -- the Taíno population decreased from 8 million in 1492 to 20,000 in 1520 to 200 in 1560 -- the Taíno culture has survived and is still present in the language today, said Jose Barreiro, assistant director for research at the National Museum of the American Indian." 08-11

  16. Jamestown Settlement (APVA)
      Provides a history of the American Jamestown Settlement.

  17. Lewis and Clark Expedition - A History (
      "On February 28, 1803, the Congress appropriated funds for a small U.S. Army unit to explore the Missouri and Columbia rivers and tell the western Indian tribes that traders would soon come to buy their furs. The explorers were to make a detailed report on western geography, climate, plants and animals, and to study the customs and languages of the Indians. Plans for the expedition were almost complete when the President learned that France offered to sell all of Louisiana Territory to the United States. This transfer, which was completed within a year, doubled the area of the United States. It meant that Jefferson's Army expedition could travel all the way to the crest of the Rockies on American soil, no longer needing permission from the former French owners."

      Editor's Note: It could be argued that the French never bought the land and really did not have the moral authority to sell it. The Indigenous people who had been on the land for centuries never sold the land to the French and were still there. What the Americans bought was the agreement for the French to provide no military resistance to Americans as the Americans took the land from the Indigenous people. 01-07

  18. Primary Sources in USA History (National Archives and Records Administration)
      Provides copies of documents considered important in US history.

  19. Salem Witchcraft Trials
      Includes information used to try individuals as witches from the trials themselves and The Crucible. 10-09

  20. San Francisco - History by Topic (San Francisco Museum) 01-07
  21. Senate - History of the United States Senate (United States Senate)
      Provides a history of the Senate, including key officers of the past and present, such as President of the Senate, President pro tempore, Secretary of the Senate, Sargeant at Arms, Senate Chaplain, Legislative Counsel, and more. 5-01

  22. Song - America the Beautiful (
      Provides the words to the song. 9-01

  23. Terrorism (Awesome Library)
      Provides information on terrorism, with a focus on the attack on the USA on September 11th of 2001. Also called 911, 9-11, or 9/11. 9-01

Purchase Resources
  1. History Videos (
      Provides videos and DVDs on history themes. 3-02


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