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  1. -Genealogy Links (Howell) star
      Cyndi's List provides over 41,000 genealogy links worldwide. 9-05

  2. Genealogy - Search for Historical Surnames (GeneaNet)
      Provides links to individuals on the database with the selected surname, including birthdate and country .

  3. Genealogy Best Links (Rand)
      Provides three search tools, tips, historical information, ethnic resources, reference information, and specific surname family trees.

  1. Ancestor Search ( -
      Locate ancestors within the US. Includes data from the U.S. Census from 1790 through 1930.

  1. Genealogy for Kids - Worksheets (USGenWeb - Pavey)
      Provides worksheets to help students conduct genealogy research. Visitors sometimes misspell as geneology or geniology. 1-02


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