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Colonial America

Declaration of Independence
Revolutionary War

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  1. Amistad Links
      Provides annotated links to both the movie and historical slave ship Amistad.

  1. -04-25-09 Important Find of Benjamin Franklin's Letters (CNN News)
      "An American professor doing research in London stumbled across a series of previously unknown letters written by, to, and about Benjamin Franklin, a stunning find that sheds new light on early U.S. history."

      "The letters cover Franklin's success in dealing with British Gen. Edward Braddock, who had been sent to Pennsylvania in 1755 to defeat the French at Fort Duquesne, in modern-day Pittsburgh." 04-09

  1. African Americans - First Blacks of Portsmouth 1 (SeacoastNH)
      "Valerie Cunningham traces African American history from 1645 through the first harsh century of slavery."

  2. African Americans - First Blacks of Portsmouth 2 (SeacoastNH)
      "Limited freedom came slowly. Valerie Cunningham discusses emancipation, the 'Negro Court,' and the lives of Portsmouth's expanding black population."

  3. Amistad - Supreme Court Decision
      Provides the full text of the Supreme Court decision regarding the group of men who were captured and made slaves aboard The Amistad.

  4. Bailey, Ann (
      "The ride in 1791 was what Anne is most famous for. A runner was sent from Point Pleasant to Ft. Lee to say Indians were going to attack with a large army force within a few days. The ammunition was low in Ft. Lee at the time. They needed ammunition so they could fight off the Indians. Anne rode a very dangerous trail alone. She rode 100 miles to Lewisburg across wilderness without roads to get the gun powder. She returned with the much needed supply of ammunition. Anne died in November 1825 of old age. A poem was written in 1861 by Charles Robb about this ride. It was called 'Anne Bailey's Ride'." 10-05

  5. Bill of Rights of the United States (National Archives)
      Provides a graphic of the actual document. Also includes a Web version.

  6. Colonial America ( - Kelly)
      Provides ten links on Colonial America, by topic. 2-01

  7. Colonial America Timeline (History Place)
      Provides a history up to 1790.

  8. English and American Literature - A History (Bartleby - Cambridge)
      The Cambridge History of English and American Literature is considered "the most important work of literary history and criticism ever published." 2-01

  9. Franklin, Benjamin (Awesome Library)
  10. History of Slavery from 1620 in the USA (Becker)
      Provides a history of slavery in the United States, starting in 1620 and continuing until the end of the Civil War. High School Level. 5-00

  11. Paine, Thomas - Common Sense (Leemhuis)
      Provides text from the influential essay of the Revolutionary period of the United States of America. 10-05

  12. Penn, William (Forrest)
      Provides a biography of the founder of Pennsylvania. 2-01

  13. Pitcher, Molly (Captain Barbara A. Wilson)
      "Molly Pitcher is the name of a legendary figure of the American Revolution. She is associated with the Battle of Monmouth and since 1876 has been identified with a woman veteran of the war, Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, who lived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania." 10-05

  14. Samson, Deborah (Captain Barbara A. Wilson)
      "In October of 1778 Deborah Samson of Plympton, Massachusetts disguised herself as a young man and presented herself to the American army as a willing volunter to oppose the common enemy. She enlisted for the whole term of the war as Robert Shirtliffe and served in the company of Captain Nathan Thayer of Medway, Massachusetts." 10-05

  15. Thanksgiving - The Pilgrims
      "On June 20, 1676, the governing council of Charlestown, Massachusetts instructed Edward Rawson, the clerk, to proclaim June 29 as a day of thanksgiving, our first. That proclamation is reproduced here in the same language and spelling as the original." 09-09

  16. U.S. History - Colonial Period (Feldmeth)
  17. Washington, George - Biographies (Awesome Library)
  1. Journal on 18th Century America (Early America Review)
      "A journal on fact, opinion, issues, and events on 18th Century America." 10-09


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