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  1. Arnold, Benedict (
      "Congress officially thanked Arnold, along with Generals Gates and Lincoln for the great defeat of Burgoyne at Saratoga. Thanks in part to his friend, George Washington, his rank was now adjusted to Major General, as of February 17, 1777, giving him the seniority he so wanted and deserved."

      "He would become best known as the traitor who would have given West Point to the British."

      "The reasons for his change of sides has been, and will be the subject of much speculation, conversation and endless books. It has been said that had Benedict Arnold died at the Battles of Saratoga, he would be considered as one of America's greatest heroes. He died in England in June 1801." 10-05

  2. Battle of Bunker Hill - Personal Accounts (Massachusettes Historical Society)
      Provides direct accounts of the battle. 10-05

  3. Battles of Saratoga (
      " Gen. John Burgoyne's belief in the importance of the Hudson River as a strategic highway through the northeast never wavered from the moment he arrived in America in 1775. It became the centerpiece of his plan for the British northern campaign of 1777 which called for his army to move southward from Canada along the Lake Champlain-Hudson River route to Albany."

      "After a miserable march in the mud and rain, Burgoyne's troops took refuge in a fortified camp on the heights of Saratoga. There an American force that had grown to nearly 20,000 men surrounded the exhausted British army. Faced with such overwhelming numbers, Burgoyne surrendered on October 17, 1777. By the terms of the Convention of Saratoga, Burgoyne's depleted army, some 6,000 men, marched out of its camp 'with the Honors of War' and stacked its weapons along the west bank of the Hudson River. Thus was gained one of the most decisive victories in American and world history." 10-05


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