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Civil War

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Slavery and Emancipation

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  1. American Civil War Home Page
      Includes letters, documents and battles related to the Civil War.

  2. Grant, Ulysses (Awesome Library)
  3. Lincoln, Abraham (Awesome Library)
  1. Civil War Photographs (Library of Congress) 9-01
  2. Civil War Poetry and Music (
      Provides poetry and music from the Civl War era. 8-05

  1. US Civil War (Sova and Black)
  1. -07-02-07 The Golden Conspiracy in California (US News)
      "Each month, three or four steamships set sail from San Francisco loaded with millions of dollars' worth of gold, wealth that fueled the Union's economic engine during the Civil War. Even Gen. Ulysses S. Grant was grateful for California's contribution to the war effort. 'I do not know what we would do in this great national emergency were it not for the gold sent from California,' Grant once wrote. But all that cash could just as easily have gone to the other side. Though most history books glide over the role the West Coast played in the War Between the States, California came very close to being part of the South, a defection that could easily have altered the outcome of the conflict." 07-07

  1. -Secrets of the Civil War (US News)
      "An estimated 50,000 books have been written about the conflict, but there are still some mysteries left to be solved." 06-07

  2. 19th Century African Americans (Bright)
      Provides a picture and a short biography of this influential 19th Century African American. 2-01

  3. African-American Pamphlets (1818 - 1907)
  4. Brady, Matthew - Photojournalist (US News)
      "Displayed prominently in the sitting room of Abraham Lincoln's home in Illinois is a wooden, two-lens contraption called a stereoscope—a device for viewing 3-D images that was the Victorian-era equivalent of HDTV. It was consumer demand for new images to view through this device that drove Mathew Brady to the battlefields of the Civil War." 06-07

  5. Civil War Resources (
      Provides photos, battles, maps, letters, diaries, and other details of the Civl War in the USA. 7-00

  6. Civil War Timeline (History Place)
      Provides key events.

  7. Douglass, Frederick (Awesome Library)
      Provides biographical information on one of the most influential persons in the Civil War period. He was also a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. 8-05

  8. Keckly, Elizabeth - From Slavery to the White House (US News)
      "She comforted Mary Todd Lincoln when the first lady's young son Willie died and when her husband, Abraham, was shot. She was Mrs. Lincoln's dressmaker and confidant, and she owned her own business at a time when few women did—especially if they were former slaves." 06-07

  9. Lee, Robert E. (The Atlantic)
      Debunks myths about General Robert E. Lee. 08-17

  10. Maritime Disaster (
      The most terrible steamboat disaster in history was probably the loss of the Sultana in 1865. Some 1,700 returning Union Veterans died... yet the tragedy got very few headlines. Late in April of 1865, the Mississippi stood at flood stage. Four years of war had ruined many levees and dikes, and in the lower reaches of the river the foaming water was over the banks for miles. But in the towns and cities of the lower valley the high water was only an incident, and the dominant feeling was one of relief, for the Civil War at last was ended." 11-05

  11. Original Sources on the Civil War - Two Communities (University of Virginia Research Project - Ayers)
      Provides original sources of information, such as newspapers, letters, diaries, wills, battle maps, images, and more, to study the beliefs and issues in Augusta and Franklin counties in Virginia during the American Civil War era. The project is called "The Valley of the Shadow." 2-01

  12. Seward, William (
      "Intellectually adventurous, cheerful, and convivial-- though somewhat vain-- Seward naturally gravitated into politics." "His prominence in the party led Lincoln to offer Seward the chief position in the cabinet, secretary of state." 8-05

  13. Seward, William (
      "William Henry Seward (May 16, 1801–October 10, 1872) was United States Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson." 8-05

  14. Stanton, Edwin (
      "Edwin McMasters Stanton (December 19, 1814 – December 24, 1869), was an American lawyer, politician, and Secretary of War through most of the American Civil War and Reconstruction era." 8-05

  15. Timeline of African-American History (1852 - 1880)

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