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History of Middle East Conflict

  1. History of the Middle East - Ottoman Empire (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information on the Ottoman Empire. 10-10

  1. -History of the Middle East Conflict - Why? (Awesome Library - Adams) star
      Provides a short history of the Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people. 10-10

  2. -History of the Middle East From Pre-History to the Present ( - Isseroff) star
      Provides a summary of ownership of Israeli and Palestinian lands under dispute, going back to before recorded history. 10-10

  3. Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors (New York Review of Books)
      Reviews the book, Camp David: The Tragedy of Errors, by Agha and Malley. It provides a detailed explanation why Camp David negotiations failed. The failure of the negotiations led to the removal of Barak as Prime Minister and to the uprising of the Palestinians.

      "The Palestinians' overall behavior, when coupled with Barak's conviction that Arafat merely wanted to extract Israeli concessions, led to disastrous results. The mutual and by then deeply entrenched suspicion meant that Barak would conceal his final proposals, the 'endgame,' until Arafat had moved, and that Arafat would not move until he could see the endgame. Barak's strategy was predicated on the idea that his firmness would lead to some Palestinian flexibility, which in turn would justify Israel's making further concessions. Instead, Barak's piecemeal negotiation style, combined with Arafat's unwillingness to budge, produced a paradoxical result. By presenting early positions as bottom lines, the Israelis provoked the Palestinians' mistrust and by subsequently shifting them, they whetted the Palestinians' appetite. By the end of the process, it was hard to tell which bottom lines were for real, and which were not." 1-03

  4. History - Population of Palestine Before 1948 (
      Provides census information on Palestine 1922 through 1948. "The Zionist claim that Palestine was 'a land without a people' is challenged by pro-Palestinian historians who cite census figures showing a substantial Palestinian-Arab population by 1914."

  5. History of the Middle East - Ottoman Empire (FORSNet)
      Provides a timeline of the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. 1-01

  6. History of the Middle East - Ottoman Empire (
      Provides an extensive history of the Ottoman Empire, from 1451 through 1922. 1-01

  7. History of the Middle East From 1300 BCE to the Present (
      Provides a general timeline from 1917 and another more detailed timeline going back to 1300 BCE.

  8. History of the Middle East From 1916 - Present (Avalon Project at the Yale Law School)
      Provides historical documents that are important to understanding the current conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

  9. History of the Middle East Peace - British View (BBC)
      Provides a short history of the Middle East area for the past 50 years from a British point of view. Includes a map of the area.

  10. History of the Middle East Regarding Israel (Guardian Unlimited - Brown)
      Provides a timeline, starting in 1881, describing the events leading up to the formation of Israel. Also describes the conflicts between Israelis and other Middle East countries. 4-02

  11. Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Fox News)
      "Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, long in Yasser Arafat's shadow as No. 2 in the PLO, is a veteran advocate of peace with Israel and an outspoken critic of the 2 -year-old armed Palestinian uprising."

      "His balancing act will include cracking down on militants without triggering civil war, easing powers away from Yasser Arafat without being accused of betraying a national symbol, and re-establishing trust with Israel after 31 months of fierce violence without abandoning the Palestinians' bedrock positions." 4-03

  12. United Nations Documents on the Conflict Between Israel and the Palestinians (UNISPAL - UN Information System on the Question of Palestine)
      Provides all key documents that have been made available to the United Nations regarding Palestinians and their relationship to the Israelis. Starts before 1945 and provides almost daily updates. Documents are typically written by official observers for each side of the question and attempt to present facts, what has recently happened, before asking for the UN to respond.


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