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39. Jimmy Carter

  1. Carter Center Efforts by Country
      Describes health, economic, political, and mediation efforts of the Carter Center in each country where civil war, ethnic conflicts, or economic deprivations are rampant.

  2. Carter, Jimmy - Library (NARA)
      Provides historical information related to the thirty-ninth (39th) President of the United States, James Earl (Jimmy) Carter, Jr. 10-09

  1. -Carter, James Earl, Jr. (POTUS)
      Presents a very comprehensive and well organized set of facts and links regarding President Jimmy Carter.

  2. Carter, Jimmy (James Earl) (
      The thirty-ninth (39th) President of the United States and the founder of the Carter Center for conflict resolution. 9-00

  3. Carter, Jimmy - Peace Hero (
      " 'America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way round. Human rights invented America.' " 7-05

  4. Carter, Jimmy - Picture (
      Presents a picture of the president. 1-05

  5. Carter: Americans Misled on War (CNN News)
      "Former President Jimmy Carter said Friday that there isn't 'any doubt' the American people were misled about the war in Iraq and that President George Bush's policy on the war is a 'radical departure from the policies of any president.' " 11-05

  6. Former President Carter Advocates Shared Access to Iraqi Oil (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Carter, who during his presidency in the late 1970s was deeply and personally involved in peace talks in the Middle East, said the US should 'acknowledge that other countries ... have a right to have equal access to the ... economic benefits of associating with Iraq, primarily oil.' " 11-05

  7. Former President Carter Talks About the War (MSNBC News)
      "Former President Jimmy Carter talks about the presidential candidates and the war on terrorism."

      "Zogby International and Georgetown University's Project MAPS (search) on Tuesday released a survey that showed, despite the fact that a plurality of Muslims supported Bush in 2000, 76 percent now support Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (search) and only 7 percent support the incumbent." 10-04


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