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41. George Bush

  1. Bush, George - Library
      Provides information on former president George H.W. Bush. leaders, rulers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers 10-09

  1. Bush, George - Portraits (CNN News
      Provides paintings by the former President. 04-14

  1. -12-01 George H.W. Bush Dies at 94 (
      "George Bush, former president of the United States dies at 94. 12-18

  1. -Bush, George Herbert Walker (POTUS)
      Presents a very comprehensive and well organized set of facts and links regarding President George Bush, 41st president.

  2. -Editorial: Most Underrated President: George H.W. Bush (U.S. News)
      "Of course my vote goes to 41, not only for the courage it took to sign the 1990 budget deal and his handling of the first Persian Gulf War, but also for his leadership on the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Points of Light movement. What a life of public service—from teenage war hero to member of Congress, U.N. ambassador, head of the Republican Party, director of the CIA, U.S. liaison to China, vice president, president, and now a point of light himself. So he's got my vote, but let me know who your choice would be." 02-12

  3. Bush, George - Picture (
      Presents a picture of the president. 1-05


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