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Nursing History

  1. Barton, Clara (Gale Group)
      Provides a biography of the founder of the American Red Cross. 8-01

  2. Civil War Nurses (
      Provides a brief history of nurses in the American Civil War. 1-04

  3. Midwives and Maternity Care in the Ancient Roman World ( - French)
      "Accustomed as we are to the procedures of late twentieth­century obstetrics with its emphasis on pre­natal care, asepsis, and medical technology, our reactions to some of the methods and medications used for normal, uncomplicated childbirth in the Greco­Roman world are likely to range from mild amusement to outright revulsion. While we can make only educated guesses about the mortality rates associated with childbirth in antiquity, we can reconstruct a fairly detailed description of Greco­Roman maternity care and recover a partial picture of the women who attended this epochal life event- the midwives." 1-04

  4. Nightingale, Florence (Ima Hero)
      Provides a short biography for children. 8-01


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