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43. George W. Bush

  1. -Bush Job Approval Ratings (
      Provides the latest polls on job approval ratings of President George W. Bush. 10-05

  2. -Bush, George Walker (POTUS)
      Provides facts and biographical articles. 1-04

  3. Bush Job Approval Ratings Lowest (
      "President Bush's overall job approval rating has reached the lowest ever measured in this poll, and evaluations of his handling of Iraq, the economy and even his signature issue, terrorism, are also at all-time lows. More Americans than at any time since he took office think he does not share their priorities."

      "The public's concerns affect their view of the state of the country. Sixty-nine percent of Americans say things in the United States are pretty seriously off on the wrong track ó the highest number since CBS News started asking the question in 1983. Today, just 26 percent say things are going in the right direction." 10-05

  4. Bush for President (
      Provides information for supporters or those interested in re-electing George W. Bush for president of the United States. 10-03

  5. Bush's Changing Administration (BBC News)
      Here is a rundown of what has happened to some of the men and women who came to power with President Bush in January 2001. 1-05

  6. Bush's IQ (New York Times)
      "To Bush-bashers, it may be the most infuriating revelation yet from the military records of the two presidential candidates: the young George W. Bush probably had a higher I.Q. than did the young John Kerry."

      "Mr. Bush's score on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test at age 22 again suggests that his I.Q was the mid-120's, putting Mr. Bush in about the 95th percentile of the population, according to Mr. Sailer. Mr. Kerry's I.Q. was about 120, in the 91st percentile, according to Mr. Sailer's extrapolation of his score at age 22 on the Navy Officer Qualification Test." 10-04

  7. Bush, George W. (BBC News)
      Provides a biography of Bush's political career from a British view. 3-00

  8. Bush, George W. (Republican National Committee)
      Provides information on President Bush's positions and achievements. 2-01

  9. Bush, George W. (Republican National Committee)
      Provides information on President Bush's positions and achievements. 2-01

  10. Bush, George W. (
      Provides a biography. 10-04

  11. Bush, George W. - Picture (
      Presents a picture of the president. 1-05

  12. Bush, George Walker (Washington Post)
      Presents a biography in the form of a photo gallery.

  13. Bush, Laura Welch (White House)
      Provides a short biography of the First Lady for the 43rd President of the United States. 12-01

  14. Compassionate Conservativism Defined ( - Moyers)
      President George W. Bush defines compassionate conservativism as follows: " 'I call my philosophy and approach compassionate conservatism. It is compassionate to actively help our fellow citizens in need. It is conservative to insist on responsibility and results. And with this hopeful approach, we will make a real difference in people's lives.' " 11-04

  15. Edited Interviews with President Bush (Fox - O'Reilly)
      Provides edited transcripts of interviews of President George W. Bush with Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel. 9-04

  16. Editorial: Bush and Religion (MSNBC News - Johnson)
      Johnson describes President Bush's distinctive approach to gaining votes from religious conservatives.

      "Americans have heard the president speak of God and the nationís destiny many times. But they have rarely heard him speak of his own faith in specific terms. In fact, Bush appears never to have said publicly that he is an evangelical. While he has dropped many clues, they do not constitute a definitive statement of his faith."

      "The ambiguity offers advantages and disadvantages, never more so than in the current campaign, when the president's strategists have made conservative white evangelical voters ó 4 million of whom they believe failed to go to the polls in 2000 ó their No. 1 target."

      "Working with Kevin Coe, David S. Domke of the University of Washington analyzed inaugural and State of the Union messages by every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. Historically, they found, presidents have spoken of God from the position of a petitioner, asking for His guidance or blessing, with two exceptions: Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Their message comes from a prophetic stance, as though describing Godís intentions from a position of knowledge." 9-04

  17. Issues for George W. Bush (
      Provides George W. Bush's positions on issues of importance to his campaign. 8-04

  18. News on George W. Bush (
      Provides many sources of news related to George W. Bush. 8-04

  19. President Bush's Speech Against Business Crime (CBS News - Bush)
      Provides the text of President Bush's speech, given July 8th, 2002. 7-02

  20. President George W. Bush's State of the Union Speech ( - Bush)
      "Every year, by law and by custom, we meet here to consider the state of the union. This year, we gather in this chamber deeply aware of decisive days that lie ahead." 1-03

  21. President George W. Bush's State of the Union Speech - Major Points ( - Bush)
      Summarizes the key points and initiatives of President Bush's 2003 State of the Union Speech. 1-03

  22. President Speaks of Ending Oil Addiction (CNN News)
      "On the heels of a politically tough year, President Bush used his State of the Union speech Tuesday to propose weaning the United States from its 'addiction' to imported oil and studying how the baby boom generation may strain federal entitlements." 01-06

  23. State of the Union Speech by the President 2006 (USA Today)
      Provides the complete text of the speech. 01-06

  1. Grade the President's State of the Union Speech for 2006 (CNN News)
      Provide a grade and then see the results of the poll. 01-06


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