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01. George Washington

  1. -Washington, George (POTUS)
      Presents a very comprehensive and well organized set of facts and links regarding President George Washington.

  2. Religious Views of George Washington (
      Provides what is known about the religious views of George Washington. 12-03

  3. Washington, George - Biography (Library of Congress)
      Provides a biography of George Washington, including pictures.

  4. Washington, George - Biography and Resources (Mount Vernon)
      Provides biographical information. 10-09

  5. Washington, George - Papers (Library of Congress)
      "The complete George Washington Papers collection from the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress consists of approximately 65,000 documents. This is the largest collection of original Washington documents in the world." 10-09

  6. Washington, George - Picture (
      Presents a picture of the president. 1-05

  7. Washington, George - The Real Face (Early America)
      "George Washington's life mask was made in 1785 by French sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon when Washington was fifty-three. In commenting to a friend, Houdon said he had no idea of 'the majesty and grandeur of Washington's form and features' until he studied him as a subject."


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