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Presidential Inaugurations

  1. Past Presidential Inaugurations (BBC News)
      "The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that the term of the President expires at noon on January 20. Other than the date and time—and the wording of the oath of office—the transfer-of-power protocol is based on traditions going back to George Washington." 1-05

  2. Past Presidential Inaugurations (Library of Congress)
      Provides facts and links. 1-05

  3. Past Presidential Inaugurations (
      "When George Washington was sworn in as US president for the second time in 1793 he gave the shortest inauguration speech ever - just 135 words." Visitors sometimes misspell as inogerations or inaugerations." 1-05

  4. Past Presidential Inaugurations - Pictures (
      Provides pictures of past inaugurations. 1-05


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