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American History

Lesson Plans
  1. American Anthem - Star-Spangled Banner Lesson (National Park Service - Fort McHenry)
      Provides activities related to the national anthem. Includes a handout with the words to the Star-Spangled Banner.

  2. American Flag Lesson Plan (Montgomery Public Schools - Furr, Campos, and White)
      Provides activities related to the flag of the USA.

  3. American Flag Lesson Plan (PBS)
      Provides a lesson plan and activities for a range of ages related to the flag of the USA.

  4. American History (Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History)
      Provides lessons, handouts, and Web resources for studying controversial issues in American history.

  5. American History (New York Times)
  6. American History by Topic (
      Provides lessons by topics.

  7. Great Depression - Three Lessons (Library of Congress - Perry and Sauer)
      Provides an opportunity for research so that "...students will be able to gain a better understanding of why the government takes care of its people and how this type of welfare state started. Armed with this knowledge, they can then evaluate the current need of government programs, such as welfare, Medicare and Social Security, on the federal and state level." The three lessons are designed to take 2-3 weeks.


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